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It's hard to think of any sitcom that got off to a funnier start than Community. Just hilarious stuff.

The general plot follows Jeff Winger, a lawyer that's been cheating the system and must now get a degree from Greendale Community College. He starts a study group in order to get into the pants of Britta, a hottie from Spanish class.

Soon enough, though, Jeff is outed for the liar that he is. He's also disappointed to learn that the answers to every test question - courtesy of Dr. Duncan, a professor at the school that Jeff figured owe him for past legal work - are a farce. He might have to do actual work to get by now. That will be a first.

The majority of the episode was spent with the study group at the library, so let's meet each individual that comprises this great group of underachievers:

Britta: Says she values honesty. Is straightforward, not really looking to date. Very pretty.

Pierce: The owner of a multi-milion dollar most towelette company. Unclear for now why he's back in college, but thinks he has great wisdom to spread. Enjoy the occasional sexual harrassment.

Shirley: A middle-aged divorcee that speaks her mind. The object of Pierce's creepy affections.

Annie: Was hooked on Adderall in high school, where she sat behind Troy in algebra. Of normal college age.

Troy: Prom king and high school quarterback who lost his scholarship when he separated both shoulders tryint to flip a keg.

Abed: Robotic, hilarious student that doesn't have many friends or social abilities. Talks a lot. Is very helpful. Really liked The Breakfast Club.

The episode concluded with Jeff being accepted back into the study group that he created and then got booted from. It also ended with us counting down the seconds until next week's installment.

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Community Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Abed: This is kinda like Breakfast Club, right?
Pierce: Is there breakfast?

The state bar has suspended my license. They found out my college degree was less than legitimate.