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We begin the second episode in the Spanish classroom that was referred to so much in the pilot.  We meet the teacher, Senor Change, an asian professor with a huge complex about being asian and teaching spanish, and he hands out the next assignment.  Students are going to be put into pairs based on cards that are handed out and will give a presentation together.  Jeff bribes Abed using his shirt to get him to give him his card so he'll be Britta's partner.  It turns out Britta knew Jeff would do this and swapped her card with Pierce.

Meanwhile, Annie and Shirley become interested in Guatemala politics after Britta makes a comment during a study session.  They decide to host a protest, complete with pinata and silent vigil.

During the protest, Pierce and Jeff work on their presentation, and Pierce is unbelievably crazy and turns a short 5 sentence conversation into an epic story.  Jeff eventually walks out on him to go join the protest when Pierce comes out ranting during the silent vigil portion.  He ends up setting himself on fire, but not before revealing that Jeff ditched him.  Britta lays a classic guilt trip of hers on Jeff.

The next day at class, Pierce tells the story to Senor Chang who agrees to let Pierce present the story and will give Jeff a C if he sits it out.  Still desperate to impress Birtta, Jeff joins Pierce up there and they give their absolutely crazy presentation resulting in to F's.  But Britta?  Definitely impressed.

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Community Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Pierce: Why don't we go get a beer? I'll give you some advice and we can have what the kids are calling a sausage fest
Jeff: I'm not much of a sausage guy, maybe next time, Pierce

The truth is my life is emptier than this three ring binder. Annie, do you have any Spanish notes that might fit in there? Double spaced? Thank you. What's a guy gotta do to get a "C" around here?