Investigating the Coin Drop
Watch Community Season 5 Episode 3
"Basic Intergluteal Numismatics"
Original Air Date:

When someone starts dropping coins down people's pants, the gang investigates on Community.

Jeff Makes a Speech
Watch Community Season 5 Episode 2
"Introduction to Teaching"
Original Air Date:

Jeff adjusts to his new job as a teacher at Greendale, on Community.

Community Season 5 Premiere Pic
Watch Community Season 5 Episode 1
Original Air Date:

Community is back! After Jeff's law career fizzles, he returns to Greendale with a proposition for his former classmates.

Jeff's Graduation
Watch Community Season 4 Episode 13
"Advanced Introduction to Finality"
Original Air Date:

Jeff finally has enough credits to graduate, but has to decide if he's ready to move on, on the season finale of Community

Abed's Research
Watch Community Season 4 Episode 12
"Heroic Origins"
Original Air Date:

Abed believes that the study group was fated to come together on Community.

The Body Switch
Watch Community Season 4 Episode 11
"Basic Human Anatomy"
Original Air Date:

Troy and Abed swap bodies (or do they?)on Community.

Furry Holiday Surprises
Watch Community Season 4 Episode 10
"Intro to Knots"
Original Air Date:

When the gang realizes that Professor Cornwallis plans to give them poor grades, they take drastic measures, on Community.

The Friendly Mountain Man
Watch Community Season 4 Episode 9
"Intro to Felt Surrogacy"
Original Air Date:

The gang's hot air balloon trip takes them much farther than expected, on Community.

Sadie Hawkins Protest
Watch Community Season 4 Episode 8
"Herstory of Dance"
Original Air Date:

When Britta organizes a Sophie B. Hawkins dance to protest the Sadie Hawkins dance, she doesn't realize she's honoring the wrong woman on Community.

Using Annie
Watch Community Season 4 Episode 7
"Economics of Marine Biology"
Original Air Date:

Dean Pelton turns Greendale upside-down to lure in a wealthy student on Community.

Community Quotes

Dean Pelton: Well look at this group having some of meeting and being so diverse. There is just, boy! There is just one of every kind of you, isn't there?
Pierce: Well, we are missing a pipsqueak, but we don't want one, so beat it!
Britta: Ah, Pierce, that's the dean

Troy: According to our polls, the campus is almost evenly divided. Now keep in mind, the margin of error on this thing is about 98%.
Abed: Could be higher. We don't even know how to do margins of error. We talked to two people at a vending machine.