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The next morning John and Samantha argue. Sam wants to get through this. John’s father gets his luggage from his car after the accident. He sees that John has a gun in his medical bag and warns him not to put it down until the shooting stops.

John wants Gretchen to go to the police with him but she points out that she has no information about the gang to give them. Bringing her into it will only get her arrested or killed. Ingrid, Gretchen’s sister, threatens John if he gets Gretchen into trouble. 

John meets with Detective Holden and his partner and says he’ll only talk to the District Attorney because he wants immunity. He tells Holden that Antoine is safe and he’s in a medical facility. Later, Gretchen is taking care of Antoine at the medical facility while it’s closed. She sees Detective Holden outside. He takes a gun out of an evidence bag and puts on a silencer. She calls John, for help and tries to hide Antoine.

John calls Darius and the two rush to the rescue while Holden, pretending to be an insurance rep, searches the facility while Gretchen attempts to steer him away from Antoine. When John and Darius get to Gretchen and Antoine, Holden finds them and shoots and kills Darius. As Holden tries to shoot Antoine, John grabs the gun from his medical bag and shoots and kills Holden.

John wants to call the police but Gretchen convinces him that doing so will only ruin them all. They go to the rival gang to tell them that Holden killed his little brother and stole his stash which is what started the gang war. 

Holden’s partner goes to John’s fathers house with two officers to find John and Samantha. The cop tries to enter the house without a warrant. Sam and Ollie run out the back with the cop giving chase. They take refuge in a truck and the driver sends the cop on a wild goose chase. 

John and Gretchen get Antoine out and leave the bodies of Holden and Darius, leaving the scene to look like just another gang shooting. 

Bridget gives John his envelope back. Antoine healed, Antoine goes back home. John explains to Sam that sometimes, if a bullet hasn’t hit a vital organ, they live it in the body because removing it will cause even more damage. Eventually the body covers it with scar tissue. Nothing is ever the same but the damage heals. Life may not go back to normal but it does go on. 

Back at the hospital, John gets a phone call from a mystery man who runs a string of cancer clinics like the one John blew up. He insists that John leave the hospital now to meet with him. 

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Complications Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

John what I did was wrong and I will regret it for the rest of my life but I was grieving alone and you just went back to work. It was like nothing touched you.


Seriously doctor, I'll mess you up. She's the responsible sister. I don't give a shit.