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Two years ago, Gretchen realized that Wes was scamming the patients she was refer to him. Instead of turning him in, she begins taking payoffs. 

Present day, Gretchen visits Jed in jail. He’s being held for patient record fraud and having drugs in his desk. He’s being threatened with 10-years in prison or less if he turns in his associate. He needs a good attorney and he wants Gretchen to help pay for it in order to keep her out of it. When John can’t get the money, she gets them a meeting with Wes. 

Wes told Jed that he Gretchen wasn’t coming back and he bails Jed out of jail. Then Wes shows up at the hospital and blackmails John. Jed told him that John needed to falsify records for Antoine and Wes threatens to tell the police. John agrees to help him steal drugs. 

John tries to get Bridget to keep her mouth shut about the police calling about his suspected drug use. He has her run a tox screen and claims he has PTSD. When the results come back negative, Bridget orders him into counseling for his PTSD.

The police guarding the house tell Samantha that someone downtown decided to pull the police detail off of their home. When Samantha thinks she sees gang members drive by her house, she calls Kyle to find out why the detail was taken off her house. Kyle is still angry with her and tells her to talk to Detective Holden, that he knows things about John and that John won’t want her to call.

John and Gretchen steal cases of chemo drugs and deliver them to a lab where they meet Wes. While inside, John realizes that the lab is diluting the chemo drugs to make more money and that patients are dying. Infuriated, he sets the lab on fire and pulls a gun on Wes, threatening to kill him. 

When they don’t get the money and Wes has run off, Gretchen convinces Jed to jump bail and leave the state.

Back home, Samantha tells John about the gang members driving by and that she wants to call Detective Holden. John offers to do it for her. 

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Complications Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Just run a tox screen before you ruin my life. That's all I ask.


John: So she's your roommate?
Gretchen: Yeah, she's my roommate, that I sleep with.
John: Oh.