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Another doctor overhears a gang member tell a patient they’ll be getting retaliation at a Vine City party. The doctor tells John because he doesn’t want to come forward himself. John remembers his therapists advice and decides to just let it go until he realizes that doing nothing makes it feel as though he’s part of the killing so he calls Darius. 

Jed overdoses at Gretchen’s place. She hauls him to the back parking lot of the hospital and John helps save him. Gretchen points out that things have gotten out of control.

Samantha decides to meet with Detective Holden without telling John. Holden tells her he thinks that John either has a drug habit or is involved with the gang. He tells her they need his protection. Sam wonders why he pulled the police protection from their home if they need protection. Angry she leaves. 

Realizing that Darius is now going to retaliate and it’s going to be a blood bath, John heads to the rival gangs territory and gives word to a pastor about the ambush but before he can leave the neighborhood, the gang members attack him. Knowing what John was up to, Gretchen follows, grabs the gun from John’s car and manages to save his life. 

Back at the hospital, Samantha has been waiting. She tells John that she spoke with Detective Holden and that she needs John to tell her the truth. He asks her to sit down and she’ll tell her everything. 


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Complications Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Do you have any idea how much he weighs? I had to pay some kids on the street to stuff him in the car.


You're not exactly the poster boy for responsible behavior at the moment.