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Detective Jim Corrigan witnesses the murder of a young woman. Though he shoots at the killer she manages to disappear on him.

Back in Atlanta, Zed is having trouble reading the scry map so John uses a zoetrope to open a psychic connection. It works, the team is soon on their way to New Orleans to do battle against some evil spirits!

Constantine and Detective Corrigan meet in the alleyway where the murder took place. Corrigan is not impressed that John refers to his team as occult investigators. Only when Zed says "slow is smooth. Smooth is fast" does Jim understand there might be some truth to their story. That was something his mother used to say to him which Zed witnessed in a vision.

Since Corrigan was officially taken off the case it's a good thing Constantine and company arrived to help.

Elsewhere, a young hitchhiker named Phillip is picked up and causes the driver to swerve into a tree. Zed enters a hotel elevator and sees the car accident. John quickly realizes these are two separate cases.

At the scene of the car crash, Corrigan arrests John for phoning in the accident before it happened. Chas and Zed look into a couple of leads.

Detective Corrigan's research proves John is no fake. He was telling the truth all along. A jealous and unstable model had disfigured another model who committed suicide and was now killing people in the alley. The hitchhiker, Phillip, died in a car crash right in those woods.

John tells the detective they must set out to investigate why now? These spirits died years ago, yet something has awoken them.

Meanwhile, Papa Midnite is communing with the dead. A client wished to speak to her deceased husband. Constantine interrupts the festivities and explains to Midnite what is going on. The voodoo priest is unaware he's raising the dead.

After seeking advice from his sister's skull, Midnite understands John is telling the truth. The two temporarily form an alliance to stop the spirits.

John and Midnite dig up the bodies of the restless spirits and return to Midnite's place in order to attempt a ritual that will release them.

After performing the ritual, they realize something is wrong, the incantations did not work. It doesn't take long for John to realize Midnite didn't raise the spirits; the people that felt guilty about their deaths did.

With these folks permission the ritual is attempted again, only this time the spirits are indeed set free.

Detective Corrigan and Zed have a moment to talk. He tells her he remembers her from a missing person's report. However, he has no intention of reopening her case. He reaches out to touch her hand she looks up to a vision of Jim covered in blood.

Papa Midnite owed John a favor for bailing him out of this one. John asks Midnite for information on the rising darkness. Midnite's enchanted skull informs him that someone close to John will betray him ushering in the rising darkness.


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Constantine Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Jim: You three are some act.
Constantine: Yeah well, it's no act supercop. See the police they're looking for a living killer in that alleyway stabbing and they're not gonna find him.
Jim: Uh huh.
Constantine: Based on what I saw in the alleyway and now here on this road you've got two perps on the loose and they're very possibly dead or undead.
Jim: I can't believe I give you the time of day.

Jim: Very good. I think I got a couple of junior detective badges back at the station. Jim Corrigan; NOLA PD homicide and you are?
Constantine: Here to help you Jimmy boy.
Zed: Jimmy?
Constantine: John Constantine. This is Chas and Zed. We're investigating the occult phenomenon that happened here last night.
Jim: Whoa occult investigators? Con men don't normally introduce themselves as con men, well that's novel.
Zed: Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.
Jim: Where'd you hear that?
Zed: Was that your mother teaching you to shoot?