Watch Constantine Season 1 Episode 5 online and meet Detective Jim Corrigan, DC's The Spectre. John, Chas and Zed come to Corrigan's aid after a series of murders. Papa Midnite returns as well to cause some trouble.

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Watch Constantine Season 1 Episode 5 online right now and right here via TV Fanatic. We offer an array of options, all of which will allow you to meet Detective Jim Corrigan, DC's The Spectre and learn what's causing a series of murders in New Orleans. John uses a zoetrope to open a psychic connection between Zed and the scry map. The team is off to New Orleans to battle some bad voodoo! In the alleyway where the murder took place Contantine meets Detective Jim Corrigan; the sole witness. Corrigan finds it amusing John refers to himself as an occult investigator. However, when Zed says "Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast" he realizes there might be some truth about her psychic abilities. Corrigan's wild story was mocked at the station so he was taken off the case. Luckily Constantine and company arrived to offer their assistance. Elsewhere, a young hitchhiker is picked up by an older man. Zed walks into an elevator and sees a car accident. John quickly realizes they're dealing with two separate cases. At the scene, Corrigan arrests John for phoning in the accident before it happened. Det.Corrigan's research proves John was telling the truth. A jealous model had viciously disfigured another model who was behind the alleyway murders. Hitchhiker Phillip died in a car crash in those woods. John tells Jim he wants to know why now? These restless spirits died years ago, yet something happened to wake them. Enter Papa Midnite, who was unaware he was raising the dead. After speaking to his sister's skull, Midnite realizes John was telling the truth. The two rivals temporarily team up to stop the spirits. They collect the bodies of the spirits and take them back to Midnite's place to perform a ritual in order to release them. Both Constantine and Midnite chant back and forth but the incantations do not work. John realizes Midnite didn't raise the spirits; the ones that felt guilty about their deaths did. With their permission the ritual was performed again, and this time spirits were set free. Detective Corrigan remembered Zed from a missing person's report. When he touches her hand she has a vision of him covered in blood. Since Constantine helped Papa Midnite out the voodoo priest owed him a favor. John asks for information on the rising darkness. Midnite again confers with his enchanted skull which informs him that someone close to John will betray him.

Episode Details

On Constantine Season 1 Episode 5, John, Chas and Zed travel to New Orleans to help Detective Jim Corrigan solve a bizarre series of murders.

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Constantine Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Jim: You three are some act.
Constantine: Yeah well, it's no act supercop. See the police they're looking for a living killer in that alleyway stabbing and they're not gonna find him.
Jim: Uh huh.
Constantine: Based on what I saw in the alleyway and now here on this road you've got two perps on the loose and they're very possibly dead or undead.
Jim: I can't believe I give you the time of day.

Jim: Very good. I think I got a couple of junior detective badges back at the station. Jim Corrigan; NOLA PD homicide and you are?
Constantine: Here to help you Jimmy boy.
Zed: Jimmy?
Constantine: John Constantine. This is Chas and Zed. We're investigating the occult phenomenon that happened here last night.
Jim: Whoa occult investigators? Con men don't normally introduce themselves as con men, well that's novel.
Zed: Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.
Jim: Where'd you hear that?
Zed: Was that your mother teaching you to shoot?