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Morehouse meets with Confederate spies posing as Canadian businessmen and discovers their plot to burn New York down. 

Annie kills John Reilly and escapes back to Corcoran. He takes her in and keeps her safe, but is livid at Elizabeth. She lied to him about where she sent Annie and he threatens to cut Elizabeth's throat over it. Luckily, Morehouse is there to comfort Elizabeth. 

Francis discovers that Mary has been blackmailing men who paid for abortions, and it sends him into a drunken fit, mourning for Molly. 



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Copper Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Tell me everything's going to be all right, Kevin. Even if it won't. Even if it won't.


There is darkness in this world, Sara. We, both of us, have been touched by it. There are times when I feel lost, and in those times I feel for us. But this child, our child, will be a light, a beacon in this darkness.