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Corcoran and O'Brien investigate a double homicide that is the result of the re-gifting of a fruitcake. The murder weapon eventually ends up killing two unintentional targets and giving Corcoran and O'Brien a run for their money to figure out.

Annie continues to trouble Mrs. Haverford, and runs away to Miss Eva. Miss Eva brings her back to Elizabeth, but Elizabeth called Annie's "father" to take her home. 

Jasper gets into the boxing ring in a match that he's supposed to throw, but he defies Marcus and wins the match. 

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Copper Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Elizabeth: I only hope that a priest of her own faith will be able to reach her soul in a way that I cannot.
Priest: Do not fret Mrs. Haverford, no child is beyond redemption.

Corcoran: What's the word? How many dead bodies hanging about this morning?
Francis: One.
Corcoran: One? This keeps up and we'll be out of a job.