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Jake lays in bed next to Quentin, both of them sleepless after recent events, and Quentin questions where his mother is now. Cannerts enters their room and summons Jake so that he can send Katie's body into the furnace. He cleans the blood from her face first and touches her skin for the first and only time.

It's Day 17 inside the cordon and on the outside, a man uses an ice cream truck to broadcast Lommers' press conference to those inside the walls. A mob forms to go after Cannerts since they believe he's to blame for the virus. Lex follows Leo's key to a storage unit filled with boxes and filing cabinets. 

Jana, Suzy, and Sam try to get the money together to get out of the cordon. Teresa and Xander decide to take their daughter to her grandparents where they believe they'll all be safest. 

Jake walks the streets where those trapped have taken to burning their own dead. He ends up at the grocery store and asks to buy booze. The gang leader, seeing the distress in his face, takes pity on him and locates a bottle of bourbon. 

Lex combs through the filing cabinets and notices a pipe along the wall which seems out of place. Inside it he finds an enevelope with his name on it. Suddenly, he has a new lead: Katrina Hobbs, a woman who received $250,000 for an undisclosed reason.

Jana, Sam, and Suzy decide to see if Meese will accept a 3 for 2 deal and run into Jake at the grocery store. Jake learns that Meese has a way to get out and Jana learns that Katie has died. Teresa and Xander make it to Burt and Micheline's with the baby and break the news that Leanne didn't survive. Micheline asks to hold the baby and the women grieve together.

Sam decides to go with or without Jana and Jana asks Jake to leave the cordon with them. Lex finds Katrina Hobbs online and learn that her son, now deceased, was military with connections to chemical warfare divisions. 

When Teresa and Xander realize that Burt and Micheline don't have enough supplies for the four of them, he wants to leave. Teresa doesn't want to risk it with the baby and knows they don't have the $15,000 passage. Burt overhears their conversation.

Lex tracks down Katrina Hobbs and learns about a warehouse where her son died. She's never been there, but she's able to give him a general location. She believes the money she was given was a settlement for his death and has no idea how he actually died. 

Jake asks Quentin if he's ready to leave the cordon, but Quentin is reluctant to go too far away from the last place he saw his mom alive. Ultimately, they decide to leave since that's what they believe Katie would have wanted. Jake uses the personal effects of those he's cremated to secure their passage but saves a photo of Katie for himself.

An angry mob takes to the streets with an effigy of Cannerts. They're on the way to the hospital where the doctor is working diligently to find a cure by examining both Katie and Thomas' blood. Jake finds Cannerts to tell the doctor he's planning to leave when they're met by the gang from the grocery store. They plan to kill Cannerts for getting them all into this mess, but Jake turns them into his personal protection unit in exchange for being first in line for a vaccine.

Micheline tells Teresa what it was like to be married to a Black man in a sundown town and about the violence perpetrated on her daughter, Teresa's mother, because of her relationship with Bert. Micheline tells her that the cordon isn't safe for her and Xander and hands over her pearls, urging the teen to use them to buy her way out of the cordon.

Lex finds the warehouse and enters. Inside he finds a white board with the names of several men on it, as well as proof that Henry Burns was an engineer of the virus' creation and not patient zero. He confronts Lommers with his findings and she denies nothing. She says she did it so that they would have a vaccine in the event any of their enemies ever mutated the virus and regrets nothing. She believes everything she's done has been in the interest of national security. Together they learn there was a breach and someone made it out of the cordon.

Teresa and Xander say goodbye to her grandparents. Micheline's cut has gotten worse and an infection is spreading throughout her leg. 

In the hospital, a sick man approaches Cannerts. When the gang leader's brother gets too close, the leader shoots the sick man, spraying his blood all over Cinco. Cinco goes into isolation and Cannerts uses him as a guinea pig for his new treatment. The gang leader gives the treatment 48 hours to work or Cannerts will die.

Meese won't take the baby for fear she'll cry along the way. When Jana and Sam argue, Meese decides he'll take the baby but not Sam. Jana says the deal is off if Meese won't take all of them and Meese is okay with that. Sam agrees to stay behind but asks Jana to call his loved one when she makes it outside.

Jake visits the shower where he and Katie kissed and hallucinates her presence. He decides to send Quentin outside the cordon with Jana so that he can stay behind and protect Cannerts. He knows Katie wouldn't want him to let everyone else inside die. Quentin doesn't want to leave.

Lommers and Lex arrive at the location of the breach and learn that the police shot the man who managed to escape. Lommers demands the body be cremated even though it shows no signs of the virus. Jana and the others head into their pre-escape quarantine.

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Containment Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Jake: The last thing she asked me to do was get her son out of here.
Jana: You should come with us.

Meese: You here to give me a lecture?
Jake: I'm here to see if you'll take two more.