Hitting Close To Home - Coroner
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Ross takes his father's ashes from the closet and hallucinates talking to the woman who died in their house.

McAvoy thinks Gerald Henry Jones killed Dr. Peterson. His house is the one that was up for sale.

Jenny finds and article about her sister's death at Dr. Peterson's and has a panic attack. McAvoy gets her to her therapist.

McAvoy accuses Jones of killing Dr. Peterson. Jones accuses MAavoy and Dr. Peterson of planting evidence.

Jenny takes Ross with her to work. He's high from gummy candies with pot. He's been self-medicating since his father died. Liam picks him up and tells Jenny he's serious about her.

They find roman numerals on Dr. Peterson's ribs: XXIV meaning 24. The miscelaneous pig rib McAvoy brought in is Number 1. Jenny deduces it is a serial killer. The rib is from 30 years ago.

They find a patch of flowers planted 30s years ago in the vicinity and dig up the remains. Tiny Tiny who owns the property tells them about Reggie Johnson and his son who used to live on the property and then just disapeared. They find the body and the missing rib fits.

Reggie Johnson's son changed his name to Gerald Henry Jones. His first victim was his father. He had TB. The sputum sample on the tissue found in Dr. Peterson's body also had TB. They work out that it was Gerald Henry Jones's sputum.

Jones killed worker Sully and switched with him. He goes after Jenny while she's alone. He left that article for her about her sister's death. He stabs her and pursues her. She runs. She remembers pushing her sister over the railing. McAvoy comes and shoots Jones just in time.

Jenny takes off her wedding ring and decides to give Liam a shot.

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Coroner Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Jenny: What are you doing?
Dr. Sharma: This is EMDR. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy. Follow my fingers.
Jenny: Okay.
Dr. Sharma: Your memories of trauma come up involuntarily, but if we bring them up now.
Jenny: You're trying to overload my brain.
Dr. Sharma: Yes, disrupt your defenses, reroute your processing. What memories come up around your sister's death? In any order.
Jenny: I remember ... I remember stairs. I remember them being so high. I look down but I don't remember what I see.

Jenny: My dad told me that Katie tripped over the dog and she fell down the stairs but in that article they describe how she was found and she, she had to have gone over the railing.
Dr. Sharma: You can't know that.
Jenny: I'm a coroner.