Personal Trauma - Coroner
"Christmas Day"

On Coroner Season 3 Episode 10, Jenny’s personal trauma resurfaces when she and Donovan follow the killer to a dangerous and remote location on the season finale.

More To a Suspect - Coroner
"Christmas Eve"

On Coroner Season 3 Episode 9, the holidays are interrupted by a gruesome murder, and Jenny thinks there is more going on with the suspect than the obvious.

A Real Life Thriller - Coroner
"Blue Flock"

On Coroner Season 3 Episode 8, Jenny and Donovan arrive at a famous horror author’s house to investigate a case that becomes a real-life thriller.

Working Together - Coroner
"Round and Round"

On Coroner Season 3 Episode 7, a deceased John Doe forces Jenny and Clark to work together in the world of narcotics and therapy, while Liam seeks a fresh start.

Sitting On The Sidelines - Coroner
"No Justice No Peace"

On Coroner Season 3 Episode 6, a night of partying lands Ross in the middle of a murder investigation, and Jenny is forced to sit on the sidelines.

Discovery At a Body Farm - Coroner
"Back to the Future"

On Coroner Season 3 Episode 5, after a gruesome discovery at a body farm, Jenny and Donovan unearth a small town’s tragic secrets, while River finds an admirer.

Finding The Truth - Coroner
"Eyes Up"

On Coroner Season 3 Episode 4, when a young girl searches for the truth about the events that led to her father's death, Jenny and Donovan step in to help.

A Mysterious Death - Coroner

On Coroner Season 3 Episode 3, when a mysterious death is discovered to have occurred in a haunted house, Jenny and Donovan are sent to investigate.

Uncomfortable Truths - Coroner
"In Bloom"

On Coroner Season 3 Episode 2, when a body is found in the maze of a retreat center, Jenny uncovers uncomfortable truths about the effects of therapy.

Death of a Care Worker - Coroner

On Coroner Season 3 Episode 1, in the wake of COVID-19, Jenny investigates the mysterious death of a care worker whose body is found in her own car.

Coroner Quotes

Jenny: Go change the baby.
Taylor: You know I'm a detective, right?
Jenny: That's how I know you can find the diapers.

Dr. Peterson: She convulsed when she hanged
Jenny: She was actually suspended and her shoes were on when I found her so, I don't think so.
Dr. Peterson: You don't think so?
Jenny: I had an instinct.
Dr. Peterson: How can you have instincts when you don't know anything?
Jenny: I'm s- I'm sorry, what?
Dr. Peterson: They're called guesses. What you're doing is guessing. I've been a pathologist for 20 years and before this, you were what, a GP?
Jenny: I was an ER doctor.
Dr. Peterson: I stay competent year after year and the coroners just get younger and more, but how bout this, I will write up my findings and then you can sign off on them, okay?