Jenny, Alison, and McAvoy - Coroner
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Jenny goes to Kelly's home. She discovers that someone else lives there. Kelly told the family that her name was Holly and offered to water their plants while they were on vacation.

Kelly shoots a crowdfunding video, saying she needs money for Robbie's headstone. She shares a picture of her and Robbie. Lucy discovers the original video had Kelly with two babies.

Donovan determines that the baby buried in the community garden is Noor's. She says if she tells him what happened, she'll never see her husband again. She was living in the building. She nd Kelly were neighbors. Her baby, Tesfe, wouldn't wake up. She panicked, tried to give him CPR, and his ribs cracked. Kelly told her the cops would think she killed her baby, but if the police thought her Noor's baby was Kelly's baby, Kelly could use the insurance money to get away from Ed, solving both of their problems.

Liam goes out with his gun and has a PTSD episode. Ross tries to help. The have an altercation. Ross calls Jenny and she comes home to talk to Liam. He tells her he has to go if he's going to get better. They have sex and he leaves.

Jenny takes a pill. Kelly shows up. She switched out the pills. Jenny weakens. Kelly turns on the stove. She explains to Jenny that she saw her parents killed in front of her as a child. She leaves Jenny to die. Jenny sees/hears Katie calling her and gets out of the house. Kelly did the same to Ed.

Noor sets up a sting and McAvoy arrests Kelly. McAvoy gets Noor's husband into Canada.

Ross, Gordon, and Matteo go on a roadtrip.

Jenny goes to the wedding with McAvoy.

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Coroner Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

I know I just met you, but I kind of feel like I've known you my whole life. Like you're the sister I never had.


Jenny: Are you sure there isn't anything I can do? I just, I feel bad not helping.
Kelly: Why do you feel bad when people take care of you?
Jenny: Oh, uh, I don't-
Kelly: No, wait. Don't answer that. That is too personal. You can do the beans.