Dead At a Bus Stop - Coroner
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Harold Carruthers gets rid of Jacen Kalla's body. Jacen is a real estate agent, found propped up on the bus bench right in front of his own ad. Carruthers' wife, Linda Lee, has been dead upstairs since 2012, but he seems to think she's just sleeping.

They had a kid, Damon, who Alison tracks down. Damon is gay and had HIV. He says his dad was good at being in denial. He hasn't seen his family in 32 years.

Harold is ruled mentally competent. The doctor says there is nothing textbook about his psychosis. They theroize he may have killed his wife, but his son doesn't believe it.

Jenny figures out that Linda Lee died of a brain tumor and Harold went into denial. When forced to face it, he dies.

Jenny digs in the yard while sleepwalking. Ross now knows about the sleepwalking. Jenny is drinking to much coffee because she isn't sleeping well.

Liam is going to stay with Mal's family, whie he has an emergency craniectomy.

Condos are being built where the fire happened on Coroner Season 2 Episode 1. Jenny visits Kelly Hart to let her know. Jenny falls asleep and Kelly has to take her home. Gordon has an incident at the barbershop. Ross volunteers Kelly to cut his hair. Gordon wants to move home. Jenny hires Kelly to help out. She also calls her Kaite. Gordon says Jenny used to sleepwalk after Katie died.

Ross gets fired because of his broken arm. He's still living in the tent.

Liam gets drunk and goes dancing because of everything with Mal.

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Coroner Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Jenny: Muliple people die in a fire, and they're building condos already.
McAvoy: That's Toronto.

Ross: Okay, last time you woke up in the fridge?
Liam: Yeah. The fridge, the garden, and the road.
Ross: You were digging on the road?
Jenny: No. I wasn't digging the road, I was just on the road.
Liam: Yeah, while you were asleep.
Jenny: Okay. I'm not exactly sure why I'm sleepwalking. Right? But maybe it's just because I'm stressed. Or because we're renovating. Or just because I need a nap.