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It's Thanksgiving in Cougar Town, and despite Jules claiming she wants a small feast, she secretly wants a huge dinner.  She gets the whole gang over including Travis' new girlfriend, Kylie.  After finding out from Travis that he plans on doing the deed with Kylie the next day, she accidentally blurts it in front of Kylie and embarasses her to the point of leaving.  Jules goes outside, basically begs Kylie to stay for Travis' sake, and she does.  All is saved and Jules and Travis are besties again.

Meanwhile, Grayson and Bobby both admit to seeing themselves settling down from their bachelor lifestyles with Jules.  The two fight but eventually decide to be men and bury their feelings.

Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Grayson: So you're having the whole gang over turkey day, huh?
Jules: Well
Grayson: I don't really have any plans since my wife left and all our friends were pretty much her friends. And both my parents are dead....
Ellie: Did they die in the last six months?
Jules: No.
Ellie: Then who cares? Hand me my drink.

Jules: The sales after Thanksgiving this year are going to be insane. We're talking full on shopping orgy.
Laurie: We are gonna save so much money by spending.