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After breaking up with Jeff, Bobby offers her a crying shoulder, but Jules seeks comfort from Ellie and a basket of fried food.  However, when Ellie has to disappear for a night with Andy, Jules heads over to Bobby's boat, where he's being evicted from.  Jules and Bobby share a bottle of wine and eventually a kiss and then the night together.  The next day, Jules thinks the situation is over only to wake up with Bobby's boat outside her house.  After explaining to him they'll never have a chance again, he packs up his boat and leaves.

Meanwhile, Travis and Kylie have sex for the first time in a tent outside the house.  However, in the morning, Travis is late to get back home and just rushes out and runs away.  Surprisingly, the moron doesn't realize why Kylie is upset the next day.  His mom convinces him to be open with his feelings towards her and after telling her he loves her, all is fixed.

Meanwhile, Laurie wakes up the next day with Grayson, only to have Andy spot them from outside.  After talking with him, Laurie discovers that Grayson said he could someday be with Jules.  After investigating with Jules, Laurie learns that Jules feels the same way about Grayson.  Laurie is devasted that she slept with Jules' "someday" guy, but ends up doing it again.  In the end, Bobby reveals to Grayson he slept with Jules and Grayson no longer cares about Jules or what he did with Laurie.

Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

What we did was totally natural like the wind... or not trusting Canadians.


Laurie: I have to admit last was pretty okay
Grayson: That's weird, during it you were vocal how good it was.
Laurie: Yeah, that's because it's not sex to moan, "oh this is okay."