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Jules is turning 42 and doesn’t know what she should do for her birthday.  She tells Grayson that he’s now 43 even though he really is 40. This year, Jules is going to rate best present to worst present which puts huge pressure on Grayson.

Andy realizes that Jules wouldn’t be friends with him if he wasn’t married to Ellie. This makes Jules feel bad so she decides to spend the day with him.

Ellie tries to convince Jules that this is just a part of his ploy to get Jules to go dancing for her birthday. At first, she believes Ellie, but comes to believe that Andy really was hurt.  

Bobby is sick so Trav urges him to use the netti pot which makes him go to the hospital.  Trav tries to cheer Bobby up, but he’s not having it.  Bobby thinks that the netti pot represents everything that Trav is learning in college.

At her birthday dinner, Jules picks Laurie’s gift as the best one leaving Ellie’s gift in the dust. Ellie tries to tell her one more time that Andy is a mad genius, just as he walks in perfectly fine.

Andy admits he lied just to get what he wanted - to go dancing. Jules gives up and joins him on the dance floor.

Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Jules: Grayson, do you ever think of your ex wife when you are having sex with me?
Grayson: Thanks Ellie.

Ellie: So Jules, what are we doing?
Jules: Besides cake and wine, I got nothing.