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Travis brings him his new girlfriend, Kirsten. Everyone comes over to embarrass Trav. What they didn’t know is that she’s 23.

Trav is nervous about sleeping with his girlfriend again because the first time she said it was so good and he can’t remember what he did that was so great.

Kirsten tries to get intimate with Travis, but he keeps coming up with excuses not to.

Jules isn’t too thrilled with the idea of Travis dating Kirsten especially when she bakes yummy goods like scones.

Kirsten tells Jules that they may go visit her parents for Thanksgiving, which sends Jules over the edge. Laurie tries to talk to Kirsten about how to stop Jules before she goes overboard. Laurie tells her that you have to punch her in the face, like a shark.

The next morning, Kirsten does just that, but it doesn’t go as planned. She accidentally breaks Big Joe.
Travis comes into the room and Kirsten is so fed up with him for not being there that she tells him she’s leaving. Travis gets advice from the gang and goes to apologize to Kirsten and she happily accepts.

Jules sits down with Kirsten and has a talk with her about being good to her son.

The episode ends with the gang getting together to say their goodbyes to Big Joe.  Jules also introduces us to Big Carl.

Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Jules: Whoa! You got to be 21 to drink in this house.
Trav: She's a grad student. She's 23.

Hey it's okay. It's scary to meet your boyfriends mom.