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Jules felt guilty about not doing more charity work, so she joined Laurie in helping support libraries in schools. When asked to lead the pledge of allegiance, she misquoted the pledge leaving her feeling embarrassed. News of her gaffe spread throughout the community.

Bobby was participating in his first pro golf tournament in years. Andy was his caddy, but mischief ensued so Travis had to take over.

Jules prayed for a mishap to befall Bobby on the course so the spotlight wouldn't be on her, and Bobby ended up hitting his competitor's ball into a hole. People started referring to him as Bobby "Wrong Balls" Cobb.

Feeling sure that her "power" caused this turn of events, Jules felt even more guilty and went around trying to smooth things over but ultimately Bobby profited from the fame and claimed that unlucky things happen to him. He just takes it in stride and has fun with it.

Laurie challenged Grayson and Ellie to a trivia match and beat them, all the while tweeting. She was actually tweeting questions to Travis and he was helping her win.


Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

Andy: I volunteer at the women's shelter too. During self-defense classes, the women take turns kicking me in the crotch.
Grayson: So it's like a regular day at home for you.

Laurie: Jules I didn't know you sponsored an African child.
Jules: Oh yeah, little Omari. He's 10. I gotta say those letters are getting a little repetitive. It's hot; I'm hungry; there's snakes.