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Grayson plans a romantic dinner with Jules after realizing that they don't get much time to themselves. She tries to refuse because she's promised to babysit Baby Bobby, but she eventually gives in.

In order to keep their date private, Jules lies to everyone and says they're staying in. Secretly, she gets Tom to babysit for her. 

Meanwhile, Travis and Laurie plan their first night without the baby. Travis is excited to finally have sex again after the birth but his enthusiasm wanes when he realizes everyone is disgusted with the idea of him having sex at all. 

Ellie and Andy plan Stan's 7th birthday party, and Andy picks a Buzz Lightyear theme. He ends up getting stuck in the Buzz costume, which sends him into a panic since he has a big work dinner that night. After fruitlessly trying to get it off, Andy decides to show up to the dinner in costume. He gets fired. 

Laurie challenges Ellie to update her Twitter account for the day, and she eventually gets addicted to "Laurie Speak". It does comes in handy when she negotiates a reservation for Jules from a young hostess. They end up missing the reservation though after Jules runs over both Bonnie and Tom.

Grayson helps Ellie get Laurie out of her head by suggesting she think about something truly disturbing. She imagines Travis and Laurie having sex, which finally shocks her back to her normal self. 

Jules finally gets her dinner with Grayson when he closes down the bar early for just the two of them. 


Cougar Town
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Cougar Town Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Just you and me and 20 seconds of peace and quiet


Laurie: Today baby Bobby turns 6 weeks old!
Travis: And 6 weeks after childbirth means Laurie and I can finally... officially... get it on.
Ellie: Ugh.
Andy: Bleh.

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