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Seven Weeks Ago

Howard is in the waiting room when Andrei sits down next to him. The creep begins asking him about Emily. 

In the present, Quayle calls OHoward and tells him to get out because they're coming for him. When Aldrich and his people arrive at Howard's apartment, OHoward is already on his way to Quayle's place.

Shaw puts a gun on Alexander Pope. He wants to know where he can find Kasper. Pope asks about his visit to Pottsdam. When Shaw threatens his life and turning him in, Another dude ambles up behind Shaw and puts a gun on him.

Pope spills the beans on Howard not being OHoward. He's surprised that Shaw has already figured it out but was waiting to see if OEmily came to him with the news herself.

Baldwin gives the three sleeper agents their Other's personal effects. Angel Eyes wants to know if his other suffered. It delights him to think so.

Angel Eyes works in the mail room. He fits in easily upon arrival. How is that even possible?

Baldwin is calling Clare who is still tied up in the bathroom. Clare's phone is ringing behind the vent, but she can't reach it.

Baldwin is shopping with Greta when Nadia's girlfriend spots her. She can't fucking believe whatever the game is but tells her to fuck off.

OEmily thanks Shaw for helping and understanding about working with Howard. She still doesn't tell him the truth.

Someone knife's the guys helping OEmily and Shaw track Kasper. OEmily tells Kasper whatever they offered to him, he's more important to them dead.

Quayle tries to play OHoward but it goes over about as well as expected. 

Kasper was trying to get to the other side to see the other version of his son who was still alive because his son is dead.

Emily tried warning people months ago that people were coming over. Kasper reveals it was Pope who had Emily run down. Howard goes nuts and screams at him. The other side isn't his world!

Aldrich knows it's not Howard and he doesn't believe it's Quayle, either. He thinks Howard knows who Quayle is protecting.

Clare doesn't share with Quayle what she knows about the three new sleepers, but she offers up Baldwin as a person who can take care of Howard Silk. Quayle wouldn't release Clare, but he put the cuff on her ankle so she could reach her phone. She tells Baldwin to eliminate Howard because he's the one from their side.

Clare's dad calls Quayle and demands he get his ass into the office immediately. Quayle is getting ready to go when Clare tells him not to do it. Not today. Clare didn't properly close the vent and Quayle finds her stash. 

Quayle gets Clare into a car and he tries to talk himself into having some bravery for the first time in his fucking life. He drives headfirst into a garbage bin at high speed.

OHoward heads into the Embassy. Aldrich takes him to an interrogation room.

At the same time, Angel Eyes is delivering giant boxes to Glasses and Red. They're full of guns. They're suiting up.

Dad gets the call that Clare is in the hospital when Helen (Red) walks by with her gun and starts shooting. Why she left him standing is curious.

Aldrich and his buddy go out into the melee leaving OHoward locked in the room.

Aldrich realizes they're trying to get downstairs.

OHoward is out of his room and shoots Helen clean through the head. 

Angel Eyes is shot but makes it downstairs. He's still crawling toward the border when Aldrich reaches him. They can't touch him.


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Counterpart Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Peter, I gotta tell ya, this is a bad fuckin' plan.


OHoward: What the hell happened, Peter?
Quayle [shakes his head]: Aldrich came over last night, started asking questions about you. It's pretty safe to say you're blown.