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Victims of the shooting are walking in the streets. They, of course, have no idea what the hell is happening.

Howard Prime is on the subway trying to make his way home.

Angel Eyes is crawling his way toward his side of the border.

Quayle is not dead. On the TV in his hospital room, he sees his father in law on the news. Now he knows why Clare asked him not to go into the office. Clare walks int his room. She survived, as well.

Quayle only fractured his clavicle. The look on his face as he looks at Clare and the news is hilarious.

She's pleased with his decision to choose family over the crisis.

Emily Prime and Ian tell their commander what happened over there started on their side.

Aldrich's buddy thinks he's behind the whole thing, and it seems Aldrich may be with him on that sentiment.

Quayle gets to the office, or what's left.

Roland suddenly trusts his son-in-law very much and wants him at his side.

Their official story is one shooter who was mentally ill.

Similar meetings are takng place on both sides of the crossing.

The closest they get to "management" on both sides is a strange camera. They call it "upstairs" and management speaks through an interpreter. This is the weirdest thing I've ever seen.

On one side, the machine is red. On the other, it is blue. Simultaneously, management ensures both sides keep their hands off of the body and instigate things further.

Greta wants to know who Baldwin is, really. She's looked for her in the papers and finds, of course, Nadia Fiero. Greta has a soft spot for Baldwin when she cries, but kicks her out nonetheless.

Howard Prime is taking a train to Marseilles. He sure is trying to make Howard look guilty.

Howard Alpha left a note for his "daughter" that said 'You're everything I hoped you'd be." He's at the church to talk to Pope.

Clare gets home to her mother and Spencer. Mom opens a bottle of wine, talking about the big event. Little does she know.

Clare tells her mom she has fantasies aabout running away from Peter. Mom's been there. She didn't love her father when they married. Fake it to make it is her advice.

Aldrich's goon wants to go in.

At the crossing, one of the agents tries to help Angel Eyes, but it's too late. He's dead. The border walls close.

When Prime calls to tell Aldrich he's disappearing, Aldrich reports back about the crossing closure. Prime doesn't believe him. Aldrich says he watched Prime walk in his shoes and all that jazz. He knows he wants Howard's life. Without OHoward, who is going to care for Emily, especially now that Aldrich is pulling his people from her bedside?

Howard and Pope, meanwhile, are chatting. Howard admits he thought that maybe he could belong there or a part of there could belong to him. But the longer he remained there, the more he realized he was becoming his other.

Pope shows Howard the letter from Emily to OHoward. Howard refuses to take the bait. He says he will not become HIM. Pope starts to pick up a gun and Howard cracks him in the head with a fire poker.

OHoward gets his bag from Andrei. Baldwin is preparing to kill Emily. Aldrich is standing by, but nobody sees OHoward entering the door. OHoward is in the room. He grabs Baldwin. It's a trap he tells her, they're going to kill them both.

OHoward wants her to walk away and disappear. Baldwin kills the two approaching agents, and walks. She lets a nurse live, continues killing and wanders off killing more agents as she goes.

Aldrich had OHoward dead to rights and Baldwin shot him, too.

A dude and Ian walk into Pope's room and find Howard standing over a very dead Pope.

Ian puts a bag over Howard's face and sends him away in a car.

Quayle gets home to find a very bloody mess. Aldrich's dude is dead in the kitchen and Clare is on her hands and knees scrubbing the floor. She's crying, and Quayle kneels down and holds her.

Emily arrives home to find Ian with a bag in his hands. He says Howard made quite a mess at Pope's and is quite annoyed when the first question out of her mouth is "where is he?"

He wants to know if she felt something for him. It was a phantom limb, she says.

Howard pulls up a stool next to Quayle at the bar. They exchange quips and OHoward makes a deal. He won't reveal Clare as long as nothing happens to Emily.

Ian locked Howard in a cement room.

OHoward began leaving a flower in the vase at the nurse's station. Nobody even had to tell him.

When OHoward starts reading where Howard left off, Emily wakes up and takes his hand. He smiles and continues reading.

Maybe they wanted out. Maybe Howard wanted to continue living that life. WTF????

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Counterpart Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Management would like for Mr. Quayle to make a recommendation.


Quayle: So it was all for this? Five years of marriage. Preparation.
Clare: The future hasn't even begun. The news few hours, days, months are going to get very complicated. You'll see. The next step is for diplomacy to get involved. That wasn't suicide. You had your seatbelt fastened. You were trying to give us an alibi, weren't you? Because you've chosen to protect our family over everything else. We're going to need each other if we're going to get through this.