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Naya is at an interview with what appears to be Management. Once they feel good about her answers, they show her what her interview is really about by playing a video of two counterparts going at each other in a closed room.

She wonders what they want her to do in that office. They want her to hunt a very special kind of spy.

The two sweet twins that Aldrich kept housed in the country are being hunted by Clare. They ask after Aldrich when Clare captures them. He's dead. A man kills them. Clare tells the man to start digging holes. She then kills him and another. She has a lot of holes to dig.

Claude is in a safehouse just as Quayle comes in behind him.

Roland and Peter are talking with Management through an interpreter. They are giving an update on the myriad people currently being held in the basement as prisoners. They were people who happened to be at the building the day of the breach who have been unable to leave.

The irony is that Shadow, the mole who infiltrated the third floor, wasn't caught, and it's Roland's daughter and Peter's wife.

Management gives word that a new, outside force has been hired to look into the mole. They are to make her comfortable.

Howard Prime is on his way to the office. He's perfectly enmeshed in Howard Alpha's life because he was there during the breach. Now, Howard Alpha will be the outsider.

When Howard P. gets to the office, Naya is addressing the staff. She says what everyone must be thinking.

Howard P and Peter meet in the bathroom afterward. They are both in very precarious positions with their false brides.

Howard P takes Emily home and she doesn't feel right in it. It's strange, as if it's in a dream. She wonders if he knows how she feels.

Howard P set up the guest bedroom so he and Emily didn't have to sleep together if she was uncomfortable. She remembers him.

Peter and Clare entertained her parents. He wonders if Clare was able to give Lambert the warning that Peter has been tasked to find him. Naya needs information.

When the baby cries, they both move to comfort her. Clare acquiesces. Peter locks about six locks on the door and spends time with his little turnip.

It's like the lucky one gets to spend time in the separate room.

Clare leaves Peter a clue under the door. By morning, he has caught the name on the paper and is grilling him about Indigo.

Emily is very concerned about things at home. She doesn't understand why she wouldn't have returned a library book, why she chose a painting on the wall, or why Howard P is acting like she should be getting better faster.

While at the park with Roland, Clare spots a man staring at her. Lambert is trying to contact her.

They meet in a tunnel. He doesn't like that someone is talking. The last missive from home says they want Clare to initiate the last sleeper cell, a change in plan.

Naya calls Howard P into her office. She asks semi-invasive questions to gauge his reaction.

Emily A is at the doctor trying to read. She knows the words when the voice says them, but she can't without the help.

Emily admits she doesn't trust Howard P.

Another contact was trying to reach Howard P. You can tell because he's standing outside leering at him.

Howard goes after the guy, and he runs. With as adamant as he seemed in speaking with him, it is odd that he runs.

Peter is at the office. It's empty save for Naya who is using her Islamic prayer mat.

She's having a hard time even praying now because now there are two Meccas.

Naya says Management told her Peter exposed Aldrich as Shadow, and whoever the guy is might be able to get them other intel. Peter freaks a bit. He needs Howard P to create an accounting trail of a fake person Quayle's been paying for information that he can then spend down to rid himself of the intelligence.

Emily A is outside exploring and happens upon the spot where she was hit and begins to remember. She remembers kissing the guy with whom she had an affair, the bag of money, and lying to Howard A.

At home, Howard finds the place a shambles. Emily is sitting on the bed, close to tears.

Howard P shares a memory of their first date with Emily A. He was very embarrassed at his attempt to impress her, but she laughed at it. That's who she is -- the woman who makes things alright. She doesn't remember that person. He suggests they forget about both of those people and start all over.

Naya and Peter are called downstairs. Edgar has killed himself.

Peter records a message naming Clare as Shadow. He fell in love with the Clare from his world but married the Clare from theirs. He can't understand why someone hasn't figured him out by now. he's been lucky his entire life, as witnessed by his luck at the roulette wheel. He drops money off with a homeless man, and puts the confession in his safe at work.

When Howard P gets home, Clare is visiting with Emily A to see how she's doing. Howard walks her to her car. Clare thinks they have more in common than he thinks and can even be friends. Howard scoffs.

Naya gives a report to Management. When she signs off, we're shown at least one member of the group. He's just a guy with another case.

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Counterpart Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Management: Why do you suppose you're so good at catching spies?
Naya: Because I know what it's like to be an outsider, to have my nose pressed up against the glass. I see the world the way they see the world.

Management: Do you believe in God?
Naya: Yes.
Management: Why?
Naya: Are you asking why I believe in God? Because I'm fairly certain I don't have to answer that.