Indigo's Plan - Counterpart
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Baldwin regrets killing Nadia, even visiting her grave. That's where Spencer finds her because he wants to enlist her to kill Emily.

Baldwin isn't interested. That's not who she is anymore. But Spencer says she'll never hear from that group ever again if she does it.

Emily Prime gets Howard Alpha back to her apartment. Emily had called Anna to save his life. She keeps calling him dad, and Howard seems confused.

As she works on him and Howard feels pain, Anna begins to sing to him. It's a song his mother sang to him as a child and that Howard P sang to Anna as a baby.

Clare tells Peter about her life at Indigo. They own the house on both sides.

Howard Prime is still at Peter's house looking for clues before he goes home. Their house is still protected.

Emily Alpha is worried about him. Howard is freaking out because he knows the people who wanted her dead are going to react. Emily gets angry with him for thinking he can be a part of her life.

Howard tells her he followed her not long after they were married. She wonders why he never said anything when it would have meant he could have been part of her life. Or, he says, they could have gotten divorced. 

Emily P tells Anna she's a spy. Anna is relieved.

As Clare walks around the Indigo house, she recalls her childhood from first arriving at the school to the day Spencer was called up.

When Peter tells her she was indoctrinated, Clare doesn't feel much for it. Then she tells Peter of Mira's plan. She says everything Mira did was for the greater good. Mira's plan to restore the balance between the worlds and close the door forever.

Emily and Anna continue talking about spying.

Emily Alpha still doesn't feel right about being in the apartment. She wonders why it feels different and she keeps bumping into things. She's remembering a different place.

Anna sees a keychain and begins telling Emily Prime about trips she had taken with her that she doesn't remember. They even made up names Belinda and Mariah. There is a church by the water. Anna never told anyone. 

The Emilys are both revealing and discovering the truth about Emily Alpha going over there to see Anna for years. 

Peter finds a flash drive with conversations from Pope. He discovers that people were murdered by acute arsenic poisoning. Nobody was doing autopsies, so it didn't matter.

Clare runs into the ghost of her younger other. She wonders why she killed her. Because she had everything she always wanted. It is a dream from which Peter wakes her.

She wonders if Peter listened to the flash drive. Clare knows nothing about anything without knowing what they told her. She could have resisted, she says, but Peter reminds her she was a little girl. There was nothing she could have done.

Clare doesn't understand why she still loves Mira after everything she's done.

Emily A shares with Howard P what she knew about her other and his. She prefers Howard as he is now because they know each other so well and she doesn't have to hide from him or protect him.

Meanwhile, Howard A says his Emily is the one he deserves. He needs to make a deal with Management so they trust them and know he's not still protecting her. He also needs to go back so he can confront her.

Howard P and Emily A try transcribing the cypher. They declare their love for each other and go to bed together.

Emily P calls Ian so they can turn themselves in, but she wants a deal for Howard.

Clare and Peter find the lab where Mira was creating a flu virus with just the right symptoms so she can subjugate our world like we subjugated theirs.

Howard P gets a call from Baldwin that says Indigo is coming for "her."

Seconds later they're in the house. While Howard P is processing the situation, Emily A walks out of the room. She wants to know where her husband is.

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Counterpart Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

It's all for the greater good.


Truth doesn't need to be indoctrinated.