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Wesley Pierce was Ian ten years ago. He is from our side. He got kidnapped and taken to see his wife dead in a gymnasium.

She's dead because Wesley couldn't keep a simple goddamned secret from his simple goddamned wife. 

They give him a new identity on the other side. They couldn't usher him into his other's role because the guy didn't make it out of the flu.

The guy says, "this job will kill you and anyone you hold dear." He's not kidding.

Ian is now with a guy. He tells Emily Prime he's alone.

Quayle is being interrogated. Naya doesn't seem convinced that he was only being run by his secretary.

Peter's life didn't flash before his eyes. He just saw Spencer's first smile. Peter can't get it through his head that his secretary was run by Clare or that she died right in front of him. 

It's all coming together for him now, and he wonders why she was expendable and Peter wasn't. Clare tells him he's important.

It's time for Howard Prime to speak with Naya. Howard is just hearing about the secretary stuff for the first time.

Naya wonders who God hears if there are two people praying to him toward Mecca. Then she realizes there are two truths, and they can exist at the same time. But she only knows one of Howard's truths.

Back at Echo, Peter seems to be the only person still functioning. He pulls a TV to his spot and turns on both with the game.

Emily Prime admits she wasn't looking for Howard but for Mira. Howard realizes the pills he swallowed before going to Echo were tracking devices. 

Roland gets Peter. He asks Clare if she knew about his secretary, his running around. Peter has to take a verbal pounding from Roland when it's all Clare's fault. 

Roland wants Peter to leave Clare so she can be herself again. Too much irony.

Emily Alpha goes to see Naya. Naya wants her to identify Milla as Shadow. Emily doesn't remember, but she does recall Shadow was close to Quayle and documents came from him all the time.

Naya doesn't think it's over.

Spencer needs to see Clare. He's taking her to meet some friends. They don't start out too friendly. She sees a lot of people from their class. Their placements didn't require isolation like hers did.

Emily Prime figures out who management is after Howard gives her some information about Yanek and Mira. 

Howard Alpha says he's not going to go back into containment, and Emily agrees to tell Ian.

Emily A is worried that more people will be killed if she doesn't piece her memory back together.

Clare has a hard time reconciling her parents' murders and what she has done with her place in the world. Spencer tells her they'll be together forever soon, as themselves.

Clare finally plays Peter's voicemail and his plea to tell Spencer he loves her and his "I love you" to Clare.

Roland has a meeting at which Naya questions Peter Quayle's presence. Naya tells him there aren't foxes in the henhouse. They're living in a henhouse built by foxes. Peter agrees with everything she says and resigns his position. 

The guy from Management wants to pull in Emily Prime. They're not happy she's not been incommunicado.

Within minutes there is a comic-book-like train on guns on a bunch of different people. Emily shoots and kills a whole plethora of people before she and Howard take off. Howard is hit!!

Howard Alpha gives his guards the slip.

Peter wants Clare to pack a bag because if they don't run, they're dead. He's leaving tonight with Spencer. Is she going with him or is he on his own?

The guards outside of their house are dead when Howard arrives. Clare went with Peter. She takes him to our side's Indigo building.

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Counterpart Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Whoever Shadow was she was definitely close to Quayle. There were documents that came directly from his department, his desk even.

Emily A

I wonder if there's a moment in all of this when I wasn't being exploited.

Howard A