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Auggie was sent into the field this week because his serious ex-girlfriend was responsible for a major hacking job. The CIA wanted Auggie to get her to give up her codes.

We learned that he was majorly in love with this Natasha woman, but forced to leave her by the organization. This was the reason Auggie left for Iraq, which led to him being blind. The guy has some bitterness built up toward the CIA.

He ends up getting close to Natasha again, helping her escape from some bad guys that also want the code. They end up on a train out of the country, which causes Jai to think Auggie is really working with the enemy. But Annie has faith he's just doing his job. In the end, it's a little bit of both:

Auggie does recover the code from Natasha, but he also helps her flee the country and admits to Joan that he doesn't know how much of his mission was personal and how much was professional.

We also discover that Auggie is sleeping with Liza Hearn. He tells Annie he isn't the leak, of course, and is just playing Liza in order to find out what she knows. It's safe to assume viewers believe him, but the episode overall did a great job painting Auggie with a different brush and showing us various sides to this character.

Elsewhere, Annie felt bad about forcing her sister to take down photos online of her on her new catering website. But the CIA demanded this take place. Annie made up for it by buying her sister a camera, but she doesn't like lying to her.

Covert Affairs
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