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We learned that Annie's brother-in-law lost his job a couple months ago and didn't tell his wife about it until this episode.

Annie suspected him of cheating at first, but then discovered the truth and encouraged him to be honest.

The cheating thing was relevant to the main story, as well, as Annie went undercover to expose a leak in the Senate. It ended up being the wife of a senator, who was sick of her husband cheating with his chief of staff and wanted to set up the latter. Thanks to Annie's help in befriending this whole family, the secrets were all exposed and the leak plugged.

Elsewhere, Auggie got to re-connect with his former army buddies stationed overseas. He led them on a mission, via his computers, of course, and ended up saving their lives. It was a very nice moment to see him so proud of the help he could still provide those he fought alongside of.

Covert Affairs
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