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Annie had a mission this week: bring in an old agent named McCauley in order to use his contacts to stop a terrorist named Hassan from bringing weapons to the U.S. Annie succeeded where others failed by researching McCauley and using information on the dead woman he had loved.

With McCauley on board, Annie, him and Jai Wilcox went to NYC to meet up with his contact. This eventually led them to the shipping yard where Hassan and the weapons were coming in. McCauley, it turned out, wanted to kill Hassan for revenge and also because he knew something Annie did not:

Hassan had worked with the CIA. That agency had provided him with cash and weapons in exchange for information and he even killed McCauley's ex. Now, Arthur - thanks to advice from Henry Wilcox, Jai's father and the former director - wanted to turn this terrorist again and use him for their purposes.

In the end, McCauley agreed to draw down, but Hassan was shot - by Ben Mercer! We don't know what his agenda is right now.

Elsewhere, we learned that Jai has major issues with his dad. The latter seems to think his son doesn't understand the need for the CIA and its agent to get "dirty" in order to protect America. This character is played by the great Gregory Itzin.

Covert Affairs
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