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After having survived his gunshot wounds, Ben and Annie are attacked in the hospital where he's recovering, but Annie manages their escape unscathed.

Back on US soil, Annie grew increasingly paranoid that someone was after her especially when finding out Danielle's house had been burglarized.

Annie was tasked to serve as a handler for a tennis star and CIA informant, Nadia, who suddenly declined to further assist the CIA. Using her gut, ingenuity and Auggie's assistance, Annie figured out that Nadia was being coerced into assassinating a Russian mercenary and managed to rescue Nadia.

Liza Hearn was still writing expository articles targeting Arthur. Joan suggested taking stronger legal tactics.

Annie went to visit Ben in the US hospital he had been admitted to, but they had no record of him ever being a patient. She went to Joan who evaded her questions.

Ben met with Arthur, who offered him a covert position, off books but it meant he could have no contact with Annie.

Covert Affairs
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Covert Affairs Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Annie: Increased heartrate. A spike in blood pressure. I think the polygraph is getting to you.
Ben: I think it's the polygrapher.

Annie: You have some mouth on you.
Nadia: You speak Estonian?
Annie: Just the swear words.