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Annie went to Paris to work an asset for information regarding a person of interest, and ran into Mossad Agent Eyal Lovine who was working on the same asset. The asset realized both were using her to get information and offered to give it up to the highest bidder.

When she didn't show up to meet either Annie or Eyal they went looking for her only to find her dead. Her killer was still in the apartment, attacked Eyal and took off. Eyal chased him across the rooftops, while Annie trailed on the ground. The assailant ended up falling to his death and Eyal ditched Annie.

Annie figured out the meaning of a clue she'd found in the asset's purse and headed to the train station where the person of interest would be and snapped photos of him for the agency. Eyal showed up as well and he and Annie ended up having drinks where Eyal stole the storage device from her camera and was subsequently kidnapped.

Annie followed to a secluded cabin, broke in and helped Eyal escape.

Joan had jury duty and encountered difficulty with the judge, while Auggie filled in for Joan and had to make tough decisions while working remotely with Annie.

Covert Affairs
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Covert Affairs Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Annie: I totally did not see that coming, did you?
Eyal: What is it about you Americans that brings out the worst in everyone you meet?

Joan: Your honor, I know this might sound self-aggrandizing, but I cannot sit on a three week trial. My job needs me.
Judge: You're right Number 9, I do hear the sound of your own horn tooting. Sit down.