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Annie was tasked to investigate two sisters whose former CIA Analyst father has been imprisoned for espionage. As Annie gained the trust of one sister, Grace, she became suspicious of the other, BeBe and discovered that she was transferring information that Grace unknowingly acquired through a long distance chess game with her father.

Annie was conflicted as she had qualms over coming between two sisters, given her own misgivings about her relationship with Danielle, but Joan assured her that this sensitivity is what made her the right person for the job and told Annie that this is why she was chosen for the mission. Annie came clean with Grace and told her about BeBe's involvement, but Grace secretly warned BeBe who ended up taking Annie at gunpoint. Annie got free but then had to convince Grace that turning BeBe in was the right thing to do.

Annie felt that her luck is running out, as she felt a bullet whiz by her on this latest mission, and requested weapons training, which Joan approved.

Meanwhile, Jai sought Auggie's advice on how best to operate under the new Director of Special Operations. Auggie advised him to staff from within some of the other groups, which ended up backfiring when he poached some of Auggie's staff.

Covert Affairs
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Covert Affairs Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

If this is an elaborate scheme to get you out of running I'm actually pretty impressed.


What do you call a CIA analyst convicted on twelve counts of treason? A patriot?