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An MI-6 agent named Kenneth Martin recruits Annie to work for them.  After consulting with her bosses, they decide its best for her to play along in order to see what he's up to.  Thanks to intel, they follow a man who is working on a project in the Smithsonian.


They think he's making a bomb, but then realize that he was actually just meeting a man.  Annie and Kenneth are captured once, but escape, and soon trap the person of interest inside the Smithsonian.


Meanwhile, Jai steals a mission away from the DPD, and activates it.  The crew gets captured and Arthur has to rescue them.  He gives Jai all the credit for the rescue.  Also, it is almost time for Park to leave for the Peace Corps so Auggie is upset.

Covert Affairs
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Covert Affairs Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Annie Walker, welcome to her majesty's secret service.


At the CIA you get a very small window to prove yourself, and I fear yours is closing.

Henry (to Jai)