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-  Annie meets with Arthur to share the intel that Teo is an active member of the ALC only to find out he is a deep undercover operative for the CIA. Annie decides to go back to Colombia to pull him out. When she gets there, he's not willing to even talk to her. She ends up going to Calder to attack the ALC base camp with the understanding that Teo is to be captured for her. After being taken Teo refuses to talk and then escapes. Annie figures out the target and takes a team to stop the ALC attack. She finds Teo with a scope and rifle and he asks her to trust him. She does and Teo shot a suicide bomber before disappearing. Calder is upset with Annie's secrets. 


- Back in D.C., Joan is questioned by the Senate Intelligence Committee to vet her for the job to replace Arthur. After her initial questioning, Auggie tells her about Seth's attack on Annie. Joan doesn't trust anyone at the CIA, so she cleans up Seth's house and breaks into his safe. She found incriminating evidence against one of the Senators and uses it to her advantage. Joan tells Annie that she took care of the situation and is on her side. Joan replaces Arthur and moves into her husband's former office.


- Auggie isn't thrilled about Annie going to Colombia, but supports her. They have a loving and fun relationship despite the secrets.

Covert Affairs
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Covert Affairs Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

If you can't live with secrets, you shouldn't date a spy.


I hope you have a bomb squad.