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The team head to find James. They are followed about Argentina and lose the police. They go to the last known place James stayed. There was no sign of him and mail which has been unopened is behind the door. They find out he was arrested for an attack. Auggie goes to see him and warns him about Belenko. 

McQuaid comes up with a plan to be put in jail and help him break out. James thinks McQuaid is there to kill him and they fight, before they try to make an escape. Annie is outside and notices Belenko is there with the police. McQuaid and James escape. James goes with Auggie, while Annie and McQuaid decide to go after Belenko.

They trick the police and manage to kidnap him. Later, they find all of the police officers dead, as the Russians have decided to kill Belenko.

Calder attacks Mashcaf in his quest for answers after Sidney's attack. Joan is left to clear it up with Russians who decide to forgive and forget, leading her to come to the conclusion that they should keep Belenko alive. 

Joan makes sure Auggie is on his way back to Langley and sends two agents to make sure he and James leave Argentina,

Covert Affairs
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Covert Affairs Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

How soon can you get me in there to see him?


This is Argentina, the exchange rate is working in my favour.