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Annie and Auggie are still trying to find a way out of Argentina with Belenko. They are ambushed every time they step out into the open. Belenko runs off and Annie and McQuaid split up to find him. 

When Annie finds him, she collapses. She wakes up and Belenko has taken her into a civilians house. McQuaid appears and they leave.

Auggie gets word that Tasha is coming to the United States. Belenko's goon kills a Langley operative and attempts to kill both Auggie and James. It fails when Calder kills the killer. 

Arthur is offered to run for senate and has the backing of a lot of high class people. Joan is offered a new job at Langley and asks Annie to join her. Annie asks if her heart disease will affect her getting a job. Joan says no.

Annie tells McQuaid she has lost too many people she loved because of her job. He disagrees. 

Auggie decides to leave Langley and go travel the world with Tasha. Annie tells him she is happy for him. He helps her come to a decision about whether to take the job at Langley. We don't find out what her decision is.

Covert Affairs
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Covert Affairs Season 5 Episode 16 Quotes

McQuaid: If we ever get out of this, how about we get married?
Annie: Seriously?
McQuaid: Absolutely.

I got an idea.