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Annie and McQuaid go to Russia. At the border, McQuaid's contact doesn't show up and they both must put on an act to get in without their covers being blown. Annie buys off the soldiers with unlocked mobile phones. McQuaid's contact, Omar is shocked when they show up at his apartment. Annie shoots him in order to get the location of where Belenko has Auggie.

Belenko tortures Auggie, while making him remember an event from 2005. When Auggie doesn't help, Belenko brings in Natasha, who he then tortures. Belenko gets ready to flee.

Annie and McQuaid trick Belenko's goons and Annie has an altercation with Belenko in which he tells her if she shoots, he will detonate the bomb. Upon getting close to the car, he decides to detonate it with Natasha and Auggie inside, leading to an explosion. Annie searches for Auggie and finds, both him and Natasha alive.

Sidney asks Calder over for dinner, he agrees to, but has to pull out at the last minute. Sidney's door goes and it is someone we have never seen before. At the conclusion of the episodem Calder gets a phone call and rushes to the hospital. She has been shot and is fighting for her life.

Covert Affairs
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Covert Affairs Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

I'm not doing this, you're doing this by not telling me what I need to know. Remember that.


The longer we wait, the more likely that they kill him.