Vicious Versus Fearless - Cowboy Bebop
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Vicious pours himself a drink after killing the Elders. He reveals how his plan worked, while Julia and Mao's didn't.

He strikes her and taunts her with his knowledge of her affair with Fearless. She laughs that he'd still want her knowing she'd fallen in love with Fearless.

At Earthworld, Jet and Faye look for Spike. Faye finds a billboard for the houses that were in the background of her childhood video.

Spike wakes up at Ana's. Ana confesses that she gave up his location the night Vicious tortured her.

Faye uses the billboard to confirm the houses are the neighborhood she once lived in.

Jet asks her to delay her search until they rescue Spike.

Ana's apologizing when Jet and Faye arrive. Everyone draws guns until Spike calms them down.

Jet gets a call and punches Spike. The Syndicate's kidnapped Kimmie. Faye doesn't want to give Spike up.

Jet takes Spike to the meeting point and they try an ambush but Vicious is using holograms and isn't on site.

Julia's in the custody of Syndicate goons and one decides to give her a chance to escape by causing a car crash.

Spike and Jet wake up tied to pillars in a church. Vicious enters and gloats about how he's going to kill them all.

A sudden light blinds them all and Faye arrives in her aircraft, firing on the Syndicate and freeing Spike and Jet.

Faye flies Jet and Kimmie to safety. Spike returns to the church to finish things with Vicious.

They fight. Julia arrives and shoots Vicious. She offers Spike the rule of the Syndicate but that's not what he wants. She shoots him and he falls out the window into the water below.

Kimmie is picked up by Chalmers and her mother. Jet sits, feeling awful.

Faye packs her stuff to go find out about her home.

Vicious wakes up bound. Julia plans to rule in his name and return each day to fire a gun at him and see if there's a bullet.

Spike walks up to Jet. Jet thanks him for saving Kimmie but promises to kill him the next time they meet.

Spike stumbles out of a bar. He passes out in an alley. Ed and Ein find him. They want him to bag the Butterfly Man.


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Cowboy Bebop Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

There is nothing in this world to believe in. Least of all people. Even the people who are supposed to love you.


Faye: What the hell? We thought you were dead.
Spike: Yeah, I get that a lot.