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Fearless and Vicious work a hit together as young Syndicate members. Fearless refuses to hurt kids.

They report to Stax at Ana's club. He wants them to broker a deal with a Neptunian cartel representative named Ka-Ching.

Stax speaks with Fearless privately, warning him he needs to keep Vicious on a tight rein on the Neptune deal.

Ana finds out the next act is sick and sends Julia on stage. She does beautifully and enchants both Fearless and Vicious.

Vicious courts her with fancy picnics and gifts and Russian declarations of love.

Fearless and Vicious are told to head into negotiations with no guns.

At the club, Ana gives Julia a dressing room.

The negotiations go sideways when Vicious can't control himself. Stax is livid and the Elders will send a fix down the pipe.

Vicious isn't in the mood to be social so Fearless dances with Julia.

As they're driving to another club, Vicious spots Ka-Ching and runs him down and kills him. Fearless takes Julia home.

Vicious has his guards help get rid of the body. Fearless and Julia make love.

Stax calls Fearless in and orders him to execute Vicious on his father, Caliban's order.

Fearless isn't able to kill Vicious so he kills the Neptune cartel instead. Including a young girl.

Afterward, he goes to Julia and asks her to run away with him. Fearless goes to Ana for new papers for him and Julia.

She doesn't support the decision but tries to help them.

Caliban wakes Vicious up and informs him the Fearless is about to run away with Julia.

Vicious goes to Ana and tortures her for the information.

Julia is packing when a Syndicate henchwoman arrives to take her to Vicious's penthouse. Vicious and his goons go to Fearless's rendezvous point and attack him. He falls into the water and floats away.


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Cowboy Bebop Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

I know you think you owe him. But a sane person would wonder, 'How long are you gonna pay that debt?'


Everyone thinks they're so strong. Until they're not.