There is nothing in this world to believe in. Least of all people. Even the people who are supposed to love you.


When angels are forced out of Heaven, they become devils.


Faye: What the hell? We thought you were dead.
Spike: Yeah, I get that a lot.

I knew you'd survive. That's what cockroaches do.


I know you think you owe him. But a sane person would wonder, 'How long are you gonna pay that debt?'


Everyone thinks they're so strong. Until they're not.


Technician: He's a violent, homicidal loose cannon.
Vicious: Well then, he sounds like my kind of guy.

Faye: I don't even know when my birthday is.
Spike: Yeah, that's why we decided to make today your new birthday.
Faye: Wow. You two are the sweetest dickheads a girl could ever want.

You are nothing but a scared little boy. You will never be anything else.


You know, marital strife rarely inspires good decisions.


Spike: I've got a soft spot for mommies.
Jet: You're a sick man, Spike Spiegel.
Spike: Don't be lewd. I'm talking about mothers.Motherhood. It's a lovely calling. Mommies make the pain go away.
Jet: I bet.

You are disgusting. Shameless. Ravishing. Miserable. Husk. Blyat. I loved you so much. It makes me sad to kill you.

The Mink

Cowboy Bebop Quotes

Tanaka: I am walking out of here or she dies.
Spike: Or she dies? Wait, that's your hostage? What is she? Like 80? I mean, she looks like she's led a very full, rich life. Haven't you, ma'am?

I worked in a casino once. Until they fired me. For stabbing a pit boss in the eye. And then he got fired because what's the use of a one-eyed pit boss?