Ben's New Boss - Coyote
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Flashback to 2010, when Ben shoots and kills a fleeing suspect wielding a cell phone. Javy tries to plant a gun on the dead boy but Ben refuses. Ben awakes in the present, finding a Mexican woman in his trailer. She had cleaned and bandaged his wound. He chases her to the local bus but no rider has a phone. Getting off at the woman's stop, he finds a phone but has no money to use it. There's a baptism taking place at the Zamora family ranch in southern Mexico. Dante is getting drunk and hostile. El Catrin promises him Ben when the boss is done with him. Ben borrows a phone from an Aussie store clerk and calls Frank in desperation when he can't reach Jill. He warns Frank about the sicarias and tells him to get Jill and Kate and fly to Vancouver. Ben stumbles on a funeral procession for the two men Maria killed. Among the mourners is Silvia. He urges her to leave town. Instead, she offers to him money to help him escape. The clerk Jack delivers the building supplies that Ben ordered then stays to help him work on the cabin. Frank calls to say that Jill and Kate are safe. Ben finds Javy's hidden gun, which he holds on cop Neto. He uses Neto to get through a roadblock. He has Neto take him to the airstrip then takes his wallet. The pilot delivers him back to Sultan and Dante. El Catrin explains to Ben that Mexican wine tastes different because of all the blood spilled on its soil. The sicarias have captured Frank. Ben bargains for Frank's life. Dante shoots and kills Frank. El Catrin declares Ben and Dante even and sends him back to San Diego, to await his first assignment. 


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Coyote Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

El Catrin: I have our best interests in mind. After [Ben's] of no use to us, you can do as you please.
Dante: I'm going to make him watch as I take his daughter from him. For the child he took from me.

Ben: Thanks for the fuckin' help, Javy.
Javy: You're a goddamn gazelle, Clemens. No wonder they put you up for a promotion.