Let's hope you make it through this alive for both our sakes.

Holly [to Ben]

Mazo: I'm your father.
Dante: Uncle Juan's the boss. And I'm fucking tired of being caught between your problems.

Surprise, Migra.

Sultan [to Ben]

You were always prone to anger, Mazo. Don't let it put you on the wrong side of family again.

El Catrin [to Mazo]

I expected to get that call about you, Ben, not Frank. Yet here you are and Frank's gone.

Jill [to Ben]

Ben: Jill, I don't know what to say.
Jill: Then don't. I'm sick of people telling me not to worry, to have faith. I know everyone is trying to help but I'm sick of the fucking platitudes. I mean, it's exhausting.

Go ahead. You'd be doing me a fuckin' favor.

Ben [to Zamora guards]

Mazo: What's wrong? Don't want to stain those fifi clothes your uncle is making you wear now?
Dante: I want to be Jefe de Plaza. How do you think that happens? You listen to the head of the family.
Mazo: You're not his son.

The world's a lot bigger than your father lets you believe.

Diego [to Dante]

Diego: Can we trust them not to flip?
Alvaro: If they're dead, yeah.

Fucking American kids. Begging in the street for candy.

Mazo [to Dante]

Mazo [to Ben]: My brother, he is very manipulative. He is not to be trusted.
Ben: You know, it's funny. He said the same thing about you.

Coyote Quotes

Ben: Hey, chief! Where's your bathroom? Bano?
Clerk: Customers only.
Ben: Maybe you can make an exception. Or you can sell me one of these boxes and I'll take a shit in that instead.

Man: We were told there would be no drugs.
Coyote: Plans change.