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When Paula reveals how unhappy she is in her marriage, Rebecca finally understands why her having a relationship with Josh is so important to Paula.

Rebecca, however, is finally dealing with the fact that Josh just isn’t into her, and that he’s with Valencia. She’s been rejected and she needs to move on with her life.

That leaves Rebecca having feelings that she’s not ready to deal with and seeks out the help of a therapist to help numb her feelings with drugs.

When that doesn’t pan out as expected for Rebecca, she seeks the council of Dr. Phil, in visions, to help her deal with her feelings of anxiety and depression. Through Dr. Phil, Rebecca makes some excellent realizations about her life.

Paula makes some important realizations as well, as she works to woo a new client to the Whitefeather Law Firm, and finds herself in a situation where she needs to decide whether to have an affair or not.

Josh wants to do something nice for Valencia in their new home, and decides to buy and build her a dining room table. He works hard with the help of Greg, White Josh, and Hector to put the table together, and has a self-discovery of his own; maybe Valencia isn’t the right table for Josh after all. 

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

There’s nothing sexy about depression, Rebecca. Listen, you better get your act together young lady or you’re gonna run this new life off in a ditch.

Dr. Phil

You need to be with Josh, if not for you then for me. I need this. My marriage is like The Walking Dead, okay? We’re all just trying to get out alive. You and Josh, your love story…it gives me hope.