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Josh texts Rebecca, and asks her to meet him at a juice bar. He’s concerned that Rebecca is going to have lunch with Valencia. He really didn’t want her to become friends with her. Josh is really concerned with how mad Valencia can get. Rebecca isn’t worried; she’s not a threat. Plus, if they become friends then they can all hang out!
Valencia and Rebecca’s lunch is odd. They can’t connect on anything, but Rebecca does end up helping Valencia land her yoga studio.
At Home Base, Greg asks Josh why he’s so worried about Rebecca and Valencia. Josh thinks that Greg likes Rebecca. After they make some offensive jokes about women, and have a moment of reflection, they decide that Rebecca and Valencia won’t end up being friends. They won’t have anything in common.
Rebecca and Valencia ARE getting along though, thanks to a little help from some relaxing wine. Valencia shares her secret about her teacher doing “hand stuff” to her, and confesses that she’s never been good at making female friends, and that she’s so happy to have met Rebecca.
When Rebecca tells Paula about her night with Valencia, Paula pretends to vomit. She’s a little jealous. Paula really thinks that Rebecca needs to stop this behavior and move on from Josh and stop lying about who she is. 
Josh invites her to Spider’s. (It’s possessive) with him, Valencia, and Greg. Greg looks on as Rebecca does her best to transform into Valencia.
Back at the office, Paula is working late. One of her sons has apparently stabbed the other (accidentally) but you know, they’ll figure it out. 
As Rebecca heads to the dance floor, the truth comes out that she dated Josh. Greg is upset, but Rebecca tries to explain that it’s complicated. Valencia interrupts…she just wants Rebecca and Greg to dance. He refuses, wanting no part in Rebecca’s game. 
Rebecca sings a song about being obsessed with Valencia. She’s feeling kinda naughty, and wants to wear her skin. She kisses her, which pisses off Valencia. Then Rebecca accidentally makes the confession… she dated Josh. And Valencia knows that Josh cheated on her in high school.
Valencia doesn’t get why Rebecca lied, and she just wants her to keep her distance.
Rebecca, feeling incredibly stupid, is comforted by Greg, who offers to take her to a diner for some coffee. Rebecca turns him down, and leaves Spider’s. 
The next morning, Paula is lamenting losing Rebecca when the young lawyer appears, and hugs Paula, apologizing for being such a bad friend. Rebecca knows that Paula is her true friend, even if her downward dog is horrible.
Focusing on work, Rebecca helps a client close a deal ten years in the making. To commemorate the occasion, Paula surprises her with a gift: a Team Rebecca t-shirt. 
Josh surprises Rebecca too…by showing up at her office. 
Josh apologizes for asking her to lie. He sees what a problem he caused. He wants to make it up to her by taking her to dinner, tonight.  At a restaurant 45 minutes away. 
Josh confesses that he can’t see Rebecca again after this, because Valencia won’t allow it.
We’ll see about that. 
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Let me tell you how this works - women of equal sexual viability hate each other, even if they pretend to like each other. And that is how it has worked since the day vaginas were invented.


I wanna lock you in a basement with soundproof walls and take over your identity. I wanna cut the silky hair right off your head and slurp it up like spaghetti.