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Rebecca starts to consider who she will choose and then has a dream ghost show her that she could be happy with all of them, but she wouldn't be happy with herself. She doesn't know who she is and that is what needs her work right now.

Rebecca starts to consider what to do and gets into her head for another musical number. Paula questions what she is doing, and that is when Rebecca admits what she has been doing all this time. The audience is aware of these numbers but Paula picks up on it at last and tells her that this is it. 

Rebecca starts to try to write down a song, and she keeps doing it for a few hours. She realizes this is what she wants and needs to do by herself. She tells Josh it won't work between them and then tells Nathaniel. With Greg, she dives more into what she wants to do and he says he won't wait for her, which she says she understands.

A year later, Paula pushed for her firm to over pro bono work or else she would quit. Heather and Hector got a new hot tub. Valencia and Beth are engaged. 

Darryl is married and is going to have a fourth child. Josh has a girlfriend and Nathaniel quits his job to help out at a zoo.

Rebecca gathers them all at an open mic night one year later to tell her story and how she focused on music and writing. She says she is ready for a relationship but it could be with anyone in the room because she isn't going to "end up" with someone. She then starts to sing the first song she wrote for everyone there as the screen goes black. 

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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