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A car is racing down the highway in the dark of Yakima County, Washington.

The car stops, and a man gets out. He opens the back of the car to retrieve a pith helmet. Once the building is open, he takes victims from the back of the vehicle and then straps them up to a chair in his sick place, where he begins sharpening a knife. The kid had previously tried committing suicide, and the killer taunts him before violently slicing him open.


The same guy has on infrared goggles. He disables the security camera and heads inside, stopping at a baby's room before going into the parents' room.

A girl in another room wakes at the noise. She looks out the window, and when she turns around, he's got her.

Back in Yakima, the authorities are in the guy's shed. Tara is with them as they look around at all of the bodies.

Tara calls Luke. She needs his help. Can he fly up?

Luke doesn't have good news about any of their former coworkers. Prentiss is trying to get the BAU back together, but she doesn't have support. A guy comes in wondering about Rossi, noting that Reed and Simmons are on assignments that he can't speak about.

Rossi is on a case in Virginia where a family was decimated. He knows the video by heart.

JJ gets home and listens to a message from the boys. One of them has a girlfriend. She sees the future speeding full speed ahead.

Rossi calls, and they share info on their cases. Rossi thinks his guy is aiming at family and safety, with a larger agenda than one family.

Rossi gets a call in the morning. He leaves in such a hurry he forgets his gun and badge. He's in Bethesda, Maryland.

The guy killed the parents and abducted the teen, leaving the baby behind.

The baby's grandmother is bereft. She never imagined that as she tried to keep her child safe, someone else was allowing their child to become a killer.

The dude Prentiss works for wants the entire BAU together to find the missing girl, which means pulling Tara from the underground bunker. Prentiss won't pull her.

Rossi is falling apart and taking it out on Luke and JJ.

Chrissy is in the trunk of a car in which a man is sending texts about ten grand in cash.

Rossi is grieving and can't get out of it.

Luke says the remote Garcias aren't nearly as good as the real thing and laughs when JJ thinks they should learn their names. It's been three years, they're never learning their names.

Tara knows that what they've uncovered has nothing to do with a cartel. The unsub tortures and takes mementos. The vics are all ages, and the bodies preserved.

They find the vehicle, but Chrissy is no longer with it.

The girl helped sell the car. She's in another car now, begging to be let go because she wants to go home. She doesn't look tied up, so it's unclear why she doesn't run.

JJ finds that Chrissy and the first victim both have accounts on Soar, Safe online acquaintance revolution. Luke thinks it can't be a coincidence. Luke wants to call their expert. They promised they wouldn't, but their next call is to Garcia.

Garcia is hosting an anglophile baking group and isn't happy to see him. She's banned the news and no longer doomscrolls -- until she learns that Chrissy Delaney was targeted on soar, which Gracia created and secured. She says it's unhackable.

Garcia needs to talk to Rossi. When they ring in, Rossi isn't any more pleasant. Garcia refuses to be spoken to as he speaks to her.

Rossi and Garcia are both certain of their understanding of the unsub, and it's likely because they're both right.

The guy drives up to a dilapidated trailer and tells Chrissy to wait there. She does. She picks up a device and watches her parents in bed on video. Then the guy returns and takes her into the trailer.

Rossi is remembering his wife. Something happened to Krystall, but we don't know what it is yet.

Prentiss talks with Rossi about his grief.

They have found a kid on soar who connected with both girls. He has access to land, which we can now connect to the trailer. They're on the way.

Chrissy finally deducts that she's with RJ from soar. When he wants something, he takes it. She was always so kind to him online and changed everything, so he thought they could have an adventure. She says he misunderstood her board messaging. She grabs a hammer and wacks him in the head, but he gets a gun and trains it on her. As the team arrives, he shoots. Chrissy emerges from the trailer, gun in hand. She is blaming herself. She puts the gun to her head. Rossi tries to talk her off the ledge.

It's not her fault, and she has to choose to survive. He uses his grief to reach her, and she pulls the gun from her head. She eventually hands him the gun and cries in his arms.

They're shocked that RJ killed himself since they didn't profile him as suicidal. Looking at his equipment, they see it's dated.

Tara sees it on the news and recognizes that they've got the same stuff in the bunker.

They need all eyes on this.

In Whitfield County, Georgia, a guy is digging one of those cases. He hears about his place in the BAU's hands and learns that Chrissy has been rescued.


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Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

The tragedy of life is not death but what we let die inside of us while we live. -- Norman Cousins


Agent Rossi has forgotten more about serial offenders than we will ever know. The Bureau is lucky to have him leading the BAU.