Getting the Team Back Together - Criminal Minds: Evolution
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A kid is on a massage table and doesn't feel so good. He sees tools. Then he's face down and cannot see anything as the guy opens his back and cuts his spine telling him he's got a choice to make.

Garcia is exercising, making a smoothy, picking out glasses, and meeting with people online wtih a daily dance party.

Tonight is date night, but JJ can't make it. Will has questions about their marriage. She wants a chance to make it up to him.

Many people have been found with a severed spinal cord. They advertised themselves as "bulls" on social media, which is apparently just for sex?

Whoever is behind the shipping container has more than one partner. Prentiss got the container back to BAU, and the guy comes in talking about "the brass," and Prentiss talks to him like an infant. Uh, the brass doesn't want them solving this case with a body count at 24 and counting?

Whitfield County, Georgia.

Elias Voit has two gas cans and opens an underground bunker. He gets a call from the guy who gave the guy a choice to either live as a quadrapeligic or die, and he chose death.

Elias has a whole new, state-of-the-art bunker going on now.

The team meets and talks about cuckholds.

Garcia gets notified by someone she doesn't know, and they're showing the same information that the team was just discussing, including Jack and Julie. They're sexually challenged, for sure. Julie loves being with the guys and Jack loves to watch.

Luke says he doesn't want to kink-shame Jack, but can he prove he's not a killer?

Bailey is a true pain in the ass. All the cost for the shipping container will come from BAU's budget. I don't think he actually asked. I think he suggested it.

The bad news is that they don't have anything from the shipping container. He left nothing behind. One poor bastard had sicarius spiders dumped down his throat.

The team has the video of the guy's choice. What they find is another kill kit. All of their cases are connected.

Rossi sees this to be a much larger operation even in the cases they've seen so far. Why would he be content with just two partners? It's an entire network of torturers and killers.

Prentiss and Rossi are discussing the case and their need for more resources. Tara has brought in a woman from the DOJ to get around him. Bailey is an efficiency expert, and slashing budgets is his jam.

Tara is dating Rebecca Wilson, and Prentiss punches her in the arm once Rebecca leaves.

Hamilton County, Tennessee

Elias gets a call from one of his people named Robert who wants to go again. Robert doesn't like the pause, which is due to the BAU taking his bunker.

Elias gets a whole bunch of shit to add to his kill kits. When he offers cash, the girl finds him questionable. When she asks if he wants to join the rewards program, he gets angry, and when he spots her dog, she tells him Moose is a big ol' goofball. She's going to die.

Rossi is annoyed that they've given the killer a name.

Garcia calls Rossi about the information she received. He wants her back at this job, but she wants to talk about his grief. Her therapist is helping her with years of trauma, and when she looks at Rossi and has since after Krystall's diagnosis...

Garcia misses the team everyday, but she doesn't miss the work.

Erectile dysfunction by way of back injury is likely the reason for the guy to be doing this at all, but he took a woman named Michelle since she is lighter weight and easier to carry. He's taking out his frustration on those who can still perform. Michelle's husband knows of a guy who they used to use who suffered a back injury, and they took another path.

Someone calls Garcia wondering if she decrypted the information. She's the only one who can, and since she didn't, people are going to die.

Michelle sees her attacker.

Garcie heads to the BAU. She's practically paralyzed heading back to her office. It's been 1099 days since she last logged in.

Garcia puts on Tricky and gets to work.

Tara is working at the shipping container when she hears a beeping coming from inside. It's got to be related to what Garcia is doing. That's how the unsubs are finding the kill kits Elias is burying.

The APB goes out for Robert Harris as he's ready to slice into Michelle. Then his kill kit goes off, and he gets a call from Elias. Robert broke the rules. He didn't pause as requested, and he didn't change locations, among other things. Elias is going to talk him through something when Robert says he can't.

the team arrives, and Michelle is alive, but Robert is dead, having sliced his own throat. Wonder if Michelle will be bull hunting again any time soon.

Garcia get Rossi. This is bad.

Elias is outside of the girl's house. The dog hears him, but she doesn't.

Garcia thinks she made things worse and wonders if they can stop this guy without her. Rossi doesn't know.

A note Garcia left herself is still in the room. It centers her, and she begins again.

Seattle, Washington.

Elias is grabbing a kill case. He puts moose's collar and a cell phone inside of it. Then he goes home, and it's quite beautiful. He's got a wife and daughters. Best husband ever, she calls him.

JJ and Will talk about their sex lives and fears, and when she walks into the office, she's got a big smile on her face.

Rebecca has news on Bailey. There's no money in serial killers but there's plenty of it in domestic terrorism. Which is such a crock of shit.

They're on the docket to be reassigned, replace, and retired. It's always under attack, which is kind of annoying. The team talks about what it means, and Prentiss says that a serial killer network IS domestic terrorism. They're racing against the clock, but they've got their secret weapon.

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Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

JJ: If Sicarius and his followers are as good at hacking as they are at murder, we're in trouble.
Rossi: Who's Sicarius?
JJ: Uh, Tara says that's what they're naming the shipping container unsub.
Rossi: I'm not gonna name this jagoff. Fuckhead, OK? Call him that. I want to know how to catch him.

Prentiss: You can't be serious.
Bailey: I'm just the messenger, but the higher-ups were very clear. All costs associated with moving the shipping container come out of the BAU's budget.
Tara: Director, with all due respect, this team has done everything you've asked. We've done more with less. We've scrimped. We've saved.
Prentiss: And, as section chief, I am allowed discretionary spending.
Bailey: I made that point. They said you don't have that much discretion. I'm sorry, Emily. You can't win against the bean counters. [walks away]
Tara: What a crock of shit.
Prentiss: It's like we're being punished for being good at our job.