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The explosion looks deadly. Garcia works to re-establish the comlink connection. First, they see JJ. Garcia says she takes back every bad thing she ever said about him.

The team is flying to Georgia. Finally!

JJ finds Alvez. They need help.

Elias appears to be on the scene or darn close. He calls home that he'll stay home a couple more days. He pretends there's a big Christmas bonus coming, sends his love and all that garbage. Poser.

He's looking for Falls Lake. He recalls running through the woods and the guy from his vision punching his lights out before locking him in a small box.

The guy knew Elias's parents. He says he's smart and reads. He talks about experiments someone did on dogs by shocking them in their cages. Learned helplessness. Elias's parents were killed, and a judge said either this dude raises him or he becomes a ward of the state.

The team arrives on the scene to learn that Sicarius called them twice. Prentiss says that means he's not ready to wage a full war by killing federal agents.

They find a guy nearby dead in his car. It's Benjamin who ate his mother. Tara knows he was only a patsy, not smart enough to pull this off.

Elias is in traffic, still walking down memory lane. The guy calls him Lee. He says he picked this place because there aren't any signs or mile markers. He knows where they are, but nobody else does. Uncle Cyrus pulls a plastic-covered body out of the back of the truck, fills an open hole with lye, and shares his tricks of the trade with Elias. He picked the guy because he knows the type; he has no idea who he is.

Bailey calls Prentiss. The FBI needs Benjamin to be the killer, or else the bureau allowed a major assassination to happen on their watch. Prentiss says she won't shut down the investigation. She needs to find something that proves Reeves isn't Sicarius so they can prove to the attorney general that Sicarius is still out there.

Tara tells the team about Maria Jones, whose DNA was not in the shipping container, but her photo was. They need to tie her to the case and figure out how they got her boyfriend to confess.

Sylvio Herrara is scheduled to be executed in days. Prentiss will use their prerogative to move him to Quantico for an interview.

It's the case that launched Rebecca Wilson's career. Prentiss pulls Tara from the interview.

Tyler Green is free to go, and he's surprised. Garcia is worried about him, especially since he just learned about his sister.

The team returns, and the interview with Sylvio begins. Aaah. Falls Lake is where Maria was killed. Sylvio is done with the questioning. He says he took that bitch to his uncle's cabin to kill her. But the photo he's looking at is of an abandoned cabin in Ireland.

He's an angry little man, but he's no match for the BAU. He says what's done is done, and he just wants to die. And who could blame him after 20 years of death row?

JJ apologizes to Will for breaking her promise before it even started, but he gives her an out. He fell asleep, and it will never happen again.

The kinds of deaths vary by shipping container as if they're progressing by how gruesome and painful they are. Spiders poured down a throat is beyond.

Garcia gets a call from Tyler. He was in jail. He's wrecked. I knew they were going to get together!

While he was having a beer, someone called him a terrorist. He knows she'll say she told him so, but she's not ten years old. But she was right. He shouldn't have been alone.

Elias's next memory has him reading a book while a young woman is chained to the floor across the room. It's Maria. She knows his uncle is going to kill her, but he won't do anything because then his uncle will be mad. She begs for her life, and he acquiesces. Then she stabs him in the back. His uncle intervenes and kills her. The look on his face is scary as hell.

The team is trying to figure out how Sylvio agreed to take the fall for Maria's death, but it's not coming easily. Then Rebecca demands to know when Tara was going to let her know.

Rebecca reacts exactly like we knew she would. Rebecca bribes Tara with their relationship, which makes her just like Elias. Damn.

Every victim in the second container was well established in their community, and they were parents. Garcia wants to know the goss on Tara and Rebecca.

Tara wants to solve what they can and talk about her crumbling love life over a beer later.

There is a letter from every year of Herrera's incarceration of a specific guy. On the back is a Catholic prayer. Perhaps a version of the Act of Contrition.

Was that Maria's child? Tara needs a minute with Sylvio, and Prentiss and Alvez leave reluctantly.

She tells him she doesn't see any psychopathic markers on him. He reaches out to her, trying to make her squirm. She doesn't flinch. She recognizes in him a fellow homosexual? He says she's right about the guy in the photo, but that's not it. The photos were a reminder that the guy could be killed at any second. If he dies, then that threat disappears.

Juan was Sylvio's right-hand man, now renamed Samuel Ortiz.

Alvez and Prentiss heard Tyler in the background, but she says it's a new cat.

They bond over the holes in their lives and how they hoped that filling the holes with answers would fill the whole, but it only makes it different. Tyler leans in for a kiss and Garcia bolts.

Elias remembers the cops sniffing around where the body was buried and how he packed his clothes to leave. While doing that, he found Maria's photo and a couple others in a drawer. Before he gets out the door, his uncle stops him. The guy thinks Elias is the one who tipped off the cops. He's been drinking, and he wants out. Uncle says over his dead body.

Uncle is proud of him for standing up for himself. Says he'll be back because he's all he's got. Now, Elias walks back into the house.

The team has Juan in interrogation. They paid off a guy named Cyrus in connection with Maria. They were at a drag ball when Maria was killed. Sylvio didn't want him to admit what had happened, but he's got photos of the drag ball.

It's not surprising that things don't move swimmingly with regard to Sylvio, and that means Tara has to talk with Rebecca about the case. She needs Rebecca to stay this execution. She wants to know what happens when she makes that call. She wants Sylvio to be 100% innocent, and Tara bets her life on it.

Garcia and Tyler are walking, and as they get close to the restaurant where Tyler was supposed to meet his sister at on the night she died, Garcia has an epiphany. Oak Street wasn't always Oak Street.

Rebecca did the right thing, but she's under review. She blames Tara for it. She says Tara couldn't be honest about what she needed, and it's not fair. They break up.

The team is sussing things out about the containers when Garcia runs in. All of the victims crossed a second street before going missing. Second Street in any city is the connection. Sicarius is hunting by transference, and it proves he's a father. Cooling off periods lineup with the births of his children, and they'll catch him through his family.

Elias steps into the cabin with his uncle. He says that nothing he does changes who his uncle made him. He could have been different, he says. Uncle says their vice is in their blood. The real reason he came into his uncle's custody is...?? He connects the dots. Elias is Sicarius. He laughs, wondering if Elias came here to kill him. He said he killed him an hour ago by slipping something into his IV. He just came to watch him die.

Uncle whoever dies, and Elias breathes a heavy sigh of relief.

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