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The episode opened with a woman putting her baby in the car and as she stops to bend over and pick something up off the ground she is pulled into a van and it drove off leaving her baby alone. 

Cooper and his team are brought in as there are now three girls who were missing. Cooper and his team began profiling the unsub and determined where the unsub would have dumped the bodies and had the police searching the area as they flew in. 

Cooper and his team arrived and the police had found two of the missing women dead in a field. They had been cleaned up with clothes washed and new makeup applied. Cooper and the team continue to investigate and run into roadblock after roadblock and the third woman who was abducted last turned up in a different spot. 

Cooper and the team figured out there must be two unsubs involved because the body had been carried not dragged to where it was. Mick and Prophet were tasked with profiling the unsub who was disposing of the bodies while Gina and Beth worked to profile the unsub doing the killing.

Gina and Beth determined that the unsub must be a young male between 14 and 18. Mick and Prophet determined the second unsub was an older woman. Cooper put it together and determined that it was a mother and son and the mother was unstable and had caused the son to become just like her.

Cooper and the team figured out who they think is the unsub a kid named Trevor and went to the house and when they broke in they found a fourth victim still alive and caught Trevor trying to escape. Trevor’s mother had left with the fourth victim’s baby. 

Cooper talked to Trevor and managed to get him to talk to him and pieced together than his mother had taken the baby and was heading to Floridia. With that information the police were able to stop the mother. Prophet managed to get the baby out of the car while Cooper kept the mother talking. 

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior
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Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

This is guilt carried to an extreme. The unsub wanted to undo the horror of these murders.


Garcia: So you want me to do multiple searches on multiple personalities?
Cooper: [smiles] something like that, yeah.
Garcia: Multi-tasking Out!