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The episode opened a flashback to 2001 and a husband and wife being killed and a message being written in blood on the wall by a guy named Peter who is being told by a girl named Veronica “The time is now”.

We then returned to the present day where Director Fickler contacted Cooper to let him know he needed his help because Veronica Day was appealing her conviction based on Fickler’s 2001 profile. Cooper flew to L.A. to help Fickler and left Beth Griffith in charge of the team.

Cooper is not in L.A. long when the District Attorney on the case is threatened and he called in his Red Cell team to investigate, explaining that Beth is still in charge as he is still helping Fickler. 

Fickler and Cooper go over all the old information and Cooper says that Fickler’s profile is accurate, that she did manipulate the 4 boys (including Peter) into killing their parents. However, as her conviction is based solely on her mother’s murder, when Cooper and Garcia discover that the prosecuting attorney at the time suppressed evidence that would have cleared Veronica they bring it forward and she goes free.

Meanwhile, Beth and the rest of the team work to profile the person who is threatening the District Attorney and when his son Ben skips out on the protection details she finds information that it looked like he was behind the threats trying to get his father’s attention.

Fickler and Cooper figure out from Veronica’s stuff that she might go after Peter’s sister Rachel, they raced to her house to find Veronica there but having just confessed to manipulating the boys. When Cooper arrested her she said she had to admit what she had done. Back in jail, Cooper and Veronica talk and he learns she didn’t kill her mom, and he promises to reopen the case for her to find out who did.

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior
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Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Cooper: You're the senior agent; I'm leaving the team in your hands.
Griffith: OH they're going to be comfortable with that.
Cooper: Get used to it.

Why am I always the last one to know who is hooking up around here.